Tees me, tees me, baby – UN:IK Clothing

“Our motivation is bringing you brand new unseen designs in order to make the best products at the best prices, all year round.” UN:IK Clothing Ltd


I stumbled upon UN:IK Clothing on Twitter not long into starting my blogging experience, I was automatically drawn in by the varied types of tees and the chatty nature of the tweets. It feels like a ‘people’s person’ brand spot. It’s edgy, unique and hell-bent on not being like your high street shops!

Digging a little deeper I found UN:IK was something altogether different…it’s about bringing new brands to you, its their priority, but by promoting and supporting upcoming talent. UN:IK are giving the opportunity to young, extremely talented designers (most of which still in education) to get some exposure for their outstanding work and designs. UN:IK takes pride in providing the opportunity for these young designers to break into the industry and get some retail exposure.

UN:IK Clothing Ltd began in December 2013 by a young man fed up of the daily 9-5 office graft, dying to make things happen, eager to bring something new and exciting to the fashion industry. Mixing a passion for business and an enthusiasm for fashion it was about creating something fresh and unique where people could get a variety of underground garments rather than the same old you get in every corporate high street shop.

The company is set on building strong relationships, with designers, suppliers and customers. Its edge and what make’s it stand out from the crowd , is its motivation in bringing you brand new unseen designs in order to make the best products at the best prices, all year round. With a love of music, UN:IK are all about getting involved with goings on, whether it be parties, festivals, you name it.

You can tell they are all about the customer and it’s suppliers, like no other SME, it knows what we as customers want and know exactly how to grab our attention. They have some great offers, like: FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £50 WITH CODE OV50 and Orders before 4pm get next day delivery, no extra cost! These kind of bonuses prove it’s about getting the word out there for these young designers and top new talent, whilst keeping us satisfied as customers with wallet intact. What’s not to like? Don’t rush off just yet though…
Eufw3va3 IMG_1414
“Own labels essentials, the best quality, minimal design, attention to detail.”Finally, I should add UN:IK stock more than just tees and have a full range of items online. Once you’ve logged on you’ll realise the prices for the high quality, bang on trend and well designed garments are ridiculously reasonable.
To stay in the loop and have a browse ‘underground’ visit UN:IK Underground Fashion.

Burton Menswear -Take me to Church, or Town, or Work…

“We put a lot of care into the cut of our off the peg suits which are the perfect fusion of quality and affordability” Burton Menswear.

Before I get on to the sale items, not all but 6 weeks ago I bought a new suit from Burton and was more than impressed, so when taking a look at Burton’s sale today, I’ve noticed the best deals are in their suit & formal wear department.

Burton’s has a great offer on at the moment for suits – whether it’s for your day-to-day work attire, a suit for a special occasion, or in fact your on the look out for that solid-key-priced blazer for a night up town, Burton will have it, I guarantee.

A few weeks ago, I was heading in to town with the daunting task of finding a new suit for an upcoming pal’s wedding, but also wanted it to be able to wear afterwards to work. I mention the next statement though gritted teeth as I always thought Burton was for the ‘older guy’ with very ‘safe’ and ‘nice’ designs and items, but nothing really for me in my mid twenties. Well, how wrong could I have been? I walked past Burton and noticed quite a striking (not to some people’s tastes) light grey, crosshatched, pattern three-piece suit in the window, and hanging behind the mannequin was a huge roller-banner print that stated “Suits From £99, including free shoes.”

Of course, the bargain buster in me hastily ran straight inside and to the suit department. I was greeted by an array of really quirky, high tailored suits and automatically fell into my element.

I firstly took a close look at the previously mentioned Grey Suit, but thought, rocking around at work wearing that would draw a lot of attention, so i should stick to a plainer suit, that had just as much charm and charisma…

After plenty of trying on and twinning up, I settled on a 3 piece, mid-blue, Skinny fit suit that more than lived up to everything i wanted. The suit was £110…but for the Trousers, Blazer and Waistcoat. Luckily, the plainer design and easy to match colour makes each item, stand alone. Even Better.

To top it off, I grabbed my free pair of shoes, that are a very sturdy, tan coloured, leather brogue! The free shoes meant I saved myself £45.

Burton currently have a Menswear Sale, including huge reductions on suits (full suits from £59), some great quirky numbers or classics, depending on your occasion or style. They also do a standard range of suits from £79 on wards.

Above & below I am wearing, the mid blue texture slim fit suit, jacket is single breasted with 2 button fastening, complete with a navy jacquard lining and white pocket insert. Twinned with the tan brogues.


Scissor Sister – Amy @Q Hairdressing

“I better make sure it looks good if you’re going to blog about it”

Just short of 4 years ago I met Amy Stanger at Q Hairdressing & Beauty in the Nottingham’s Lace Market. I’d been going to Q for a few years to have my barnet chopped, when after Amy became my barber!
To cut a long story (not hair) short, Amy is great and a true professional! For nearly 4 years, I’ve put her through a lot, I change something about my hairstyle regularly and with smile and a laugh, Amy gets on with it and I always leave feeling trim, stylish and relaxed!

Amy has recently become self-employed, still working from within Q and the girl needs credit where credit is due!

Today, I ran in for my 4-weekly-chop, unbeknownst to Amy that I’d planed a complete restyle…as per, we had a chat, had a laugh and she cracked on! As you’ll see below, I’ve had a lot cut off and Amy’s created a shorter, sharper, smarter more textured style for me…I’m more than happy with the results!

My shave, cut and restyle cost me £20, a bargain by fair! I think my hair makes up part of my look, and always feel completely chuffed by Amy’s work every time. A bonus to Q is that they always have a cracking playlist on and the friendly nature of all the staff is humbling!

So gents (or ladies) if you’re in need of a stylish, professional cut, colour or restyle and happen to be in the Nottingham area, head straight to Amy & Q!

Take a look at Amy’s Instagram page, you’ll see how creative and skilled she is here: AmyQHairdressing.

If you would like any more information about styling or prices, give Amy or Q a call on 01159583030 or drop her a direct message via Instagram or Facebook!

Fuse Clothing – more than just a band tee

“Fuse Clothing brings together various music events. We use our experience and combine the moments that make music events special, producing high quality impact clothing designs to make sure you stand out from the crowd, while keeping that personal twist!”  Fuse Clothing.

As soon as I stumbled upon Fuse Clothing via Twitter, I knew I’d like what they had to offer…

Fuse Clothing is a contemporary UK based clothing brand, which produces unique and specially designed items relating to the music industry. Inspired by a love of both music and design they provide high quality, hand crafted t-shirts perfect for any occasion.

Fuse Clothing brings together influences from popular music events, using these experiences andmoments that make them special to create designs with impact that make sure you stand out from the crowd, while keeping that personal twist.

At Fuse Clothing, it’s not just good design that is valued, but also the quality of all products. They use only the highest quality 100% cotton garmentfor a long-lasting t-shirts that feel just as good to wear as they look.

Combined with expert print techniques developed over several years and meticulous attention to detail, we’re confident that you will not only love the designs, but also all the small details that make the products unique – from the packaging and labels to their beautiful quality.

“They say a picture speaks a thousand words…Well our t-shirts tell a million stories.”

After launching in late 2014, Fuse Clothing has already started to establish itself as a popular brand with festival-goers, as well as hitting the streets of Manchester. With new designs being continually developed, the range is set for further expansion over the next few months, as a result of attracting interest from both smaller boutique shops and national chains. Along with the potential investment of sales agents, hopefully you will see Fuse Clothing popping up in a shop near you!

When heading over to the online store, you will see how competitively priced Fuse is against any huge high street retailer, noticing that they offer a unique and individual style of brand. The t-shirts themselves of course are all individually thought about and designed, with the greater appeal of the music industry taking a focused lead in their design approach. This means you’re getting a tshirt that is a cut above the rest, safe in the knowledge one of your mate’s hasn’t got the same thing!

Whilst on the website you’ll notice that it’s fresh, well designed and easy to navigate…better for those casual browsers and hasty shoppers.

So, be ahead of the crowd and look sharp; all whilst supporting a local growing business.

For a closer look at Fuse Clothing’s range and designs head over to FUSE CLOTHING or keep up-to-date by following on twitter: @fuseclothing

This post is a collaborative piece written by Sam Davis (Fuse Clothing) and Dan Sinnott (High Street Gent).

Up Town Punk Sunglasses

Punk Sunglasses 2

Chaps, don’t dismiss eBay as a good place to find a bargain…

From time to time I spend an afternoon trawling through eBay for something a bit quirky or alternative (‘coolternative’ as my pals and I call it), to try and set myself apart from the crowd.

The ‘easypeasyonlinestore‘ is perfect for this!

I was heading off to Ibiza a few weeks ago and wanted some funky sunglasses for a good price, that could withstand the Spanish sun and potential drunken endeavours…my search bought back a pair of “Flip up circle Steampunk Glasses Goggles Sunglasses”.

Steampunk Sunnies = the quirky round frame clear lens glasses with a tinted lense that raise off…just what I needed!


eBay’s easypeasyonlinestore stock and sell several things, most of all, a variety of sunglasses under their ‘ultra’ range, and best thing of all…reasonably priced!

The pair I’m wearing above are currently £5.99 with free P&P.

The frame is thick and sturdy for a cheaper pair of glasses and the lenses are of strong perspex…what more could you ask for?

Take a look at their eBay store here.

Look out for upcoming posts on worthy eBay stores I’ve used recently. People have their eBay reservations…I don’t, use PayPal and you’ll be sorted!.

Scrub away at the price – ManCave Grooming

“The role of a Mountaineer encompasses all aspects of the Huntsman, Pioneer and Explorer calling on a variety of natural resources to command his terrain.” (ManCaveinc.com)

I’ve never been one for ‘manscaping’ products, usually I grabbed whatever shampoo and shower gel that was on offer. This was, however, until I received some ManCave Grooming products as a present…

Bargain Alert!!

Before I tell you a little bit more about ManCave, take a look at 5 piece Gift Set which is currently only £19.99 at feelunique.com, saving yourself £23.28p!


Without going into too much details at risk of boring you, the ManCave range adds something different to your morning routine. I never used a ‘FaceScrub’ or a moisturizer before, but with ManCave’s caffeine free and whiskey scent products, I was sold!

I shower once or twice a day…and these products are long lasting. To say I was bought my first range in December 2014 and I’m only just restocking, proves that for the price of these items, the quality and quantity doesn’t reflect the price…it exceeds it!

In summary, the range is focused on replacing man-made chemicals with a precise amalgamation of natural ingredients where even distinctly possible – all while using the most sustainable sources of production…so there you go, it’s even suitable for the ‘eco-warriors’.

The Gift Set is a bargain not to be missed, if you bought each of the five items individually it would cost £43.27, so it’s practically half price!

The ManCave range can be bought on the high street (Boots, Sainsbury’s, Debenhams) or from their online store ManCave Men’s Grooming.

I found this deal by searching for ManCave’s #ownthebathroom and for more “supreme-performance men’s grooming products, keeping you naturally fresh” follow @ManCave on Twiter.

Above. My dwindling ManCave products, in need of a replenish.

ASOS ado about nothing…

ASOS make it easy by you doing barely nothing!

I’m relatively new to the world of ASOS, but I can tell you that they have a lot of great priced menswear that you could be missing out on.

I got an e-blast from ASOS promoting their sale items, with payday looming and not much money to even consider buying anything…I had a look.

…of course I bought as well.

I managed to get 5 shirts for £52.50. Each shirt ranged from £8-£14 that are bang on trend. For multi purpose also, some I could wear for smart, some for casual.

To top it off, I received the items in less than 12 hours. (Free standard delivery, orders over £20).

The best thing about ASOS is that it caters for everyone, if you’re a bit alternative, a snappy dresser, a plain-t kid of guy, you’ll find something and for a bargain price.

Deffo worth a look. Currently up to 70% off, end date not disclosed.


Wearing my new ‘Sleeveless Super Longline Shirt with Tartan Check Hem and Mid Wash’ £12.00.

A High Street Gent?

“I think I’m slightly impulsive, sometimes organised and always in search of a bargain!”

For the average paid young professional, like myself, staying on trend and trying to look good can be pricey… I’m always thinking about how I can re-wear my favourite items of clothing without people noticing on social media that ‘he always wears that’. I tend to spend time frantically hunting through the sale racks for those items people hide at the back for that right pair of jeans that ‘aren’t too much’, or that tee I desperately want before everyone else!

However, it is getting easier. With E-blasts crashing into inboxes daily, Tweets soaring down your news feed and Instagram posts pappin’ the high street’s best deals, the fashion-loving-inner me, is in its element. Bargains now search for us, it’s just knowing where, when and how.

For those who would rather not venture into town on a Saturday, hopefully, by staying ‘in the loop’ it can be simple to head in the right direction, be in and out the shop quickly, wallet intact and looking fly.

Keep an eye out as I launch and build up my blog. Feedback is of course always welcome.


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