A High Street Gent?

“I think I’m slightly impulsive, sometimes organised and always in search of a bargain!”

For the average paid young professional, like myself, staying on trend and trying to look good can be pricey… I’m always thinking about how I can re-wear my favourite items of clothing without people noticing on social media that ‘he always wears that’. I tend to spend time frantically hunting through the sale racks for those items people hide at the back for that right pair of jeans that ‘aren’t too much’, or that tee I desperately want before everyone else!

However, it is getting easier. With E-blasts crashing into inboxes daily, Tweets soaring down your news feed and Instagram posts pappin’ the high street’s best deals, the fashion-loving-inner me, is in its element. Bargains now search for us, it’s just knowing where, when and how.

For those who would rather not venture into town on a Saturday, hopefully, by staying ‘in the loop’ it can be simple to head in the right direction, be in and out the shop quickly, wallet intact and looking fly.

Keep an eye out as I launch and build up my blog. Feedback is of course always welcome.


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  1. […] This post is a collaborative piece written by Sam Davis (Fuse Clothing) and Dan Sinnott (High Street Gent). […]

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