Bargain Time. #Watches


“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend”

…and on time is what I’ve spent my money. Not a lot of money, but hence the reason for this very short, but very sweet post.

Unfortunately, my trusty watch stopped at the weekend, I’ve had it for a good few years, so tasked myself with finding a new one. I wanted something suitable for work and play and more importantly not too pricey.

If you’re like me, I feel naked without my watch on, so I wanted a new one pretty sharpish…having spent 3 days looking at my bare wrist for the time. Not cool.

After browsing the first places online that sprung to mind, nothing was jumping out at me. They were either ridiculously chavy or came with a hefty price tag. That was until I remembered ASOS had sent me an email about their Men’s Watches Sale a few weeks ago, so I head on over to their site.

I found it. It’s smart, classy, eye catching and not a chunky number that screamed “rob me”.

The Sekonda Leather Strap Watch with Mechanical Detail (Item 3426.27) was mine.

The best part about it is that it only cost £39.99. Right on time.

I’ve blogged about ASOS before and how speedy their service is, it’s cracking. I ordered at 6 pm at night, with next delivery for a fiver. At 10 am the next day my wrist was fully dressed again, not catching the breeze and I could relax, ready for anyone to ask me time. (I’ve been some what walking around the office today with my sleeve rolled up, hoping someone will ask about it).

I’m my own worst enemy though, I give away all my secrets and told them how much it was.

Chaps, if you’re looking for a new watch, that looks expensive (minus the price tag) take a look at ASOS’ Watches range – with currently 70% off a lot of items, even watches, it’s top notch.


Style it! #ClubHumbug


You chaps have been more interested in what I’ve been wearing and how recently, so here goes another ‘style it!’

This time however, I’m going to share with you a cracking little store I’ve stumbled across  that has some great items at very reasonable prices…


Humbug is a casual wear label created in the UK to provide a new wave of men’s casual wear that is uniquely styled on bridging the gap between popular British streetwear & traditional themes. Inspired by the everyday wear seen on British streets with added indie-rock influences for an individual style of off-duty staples.

Humbug have looked at creating a label of accessible, stylish casual wear, suiting to any informal social occasion, derived from a laid back, on the go lifestyle.

The indie-rock influences show in their products through the bold prints of the Rock ‘n’ Rolla and  Charleston , and relaxed fits of the ‘901’ & ‘Old Fashioned’ faint gingham shirts, and both sweatshirts, all directly inspired by the band member, gig & festival goer.

A relaxed modern style, cool & contemporary, open minded, no borders and a youthful edge is just how we would describe ourselves.

I’ve been chatting to Emmett from Humbug and he told me about the brand: “the thinking behind Humbug was to produce high quality, stylish, cool clothing for those who were perhaps paying too much for rent in trendy areas, or living a city life – eating out, partying at trendy bars whilst also trying to keep up style wise, much like ourselves and everyone else we know coming out of uni.

“Looking at being that bridge between popular street wear & traditional themes, offering contemporary casual wear that is relaxed and designed for the everyday but also takes that craftsmanship from the likes of many of the Scandinavian brand which are so prominent in the menswear market at this minute.

“Our ultimate aim is to provide the average paid gent with quick tips and pointers on how to look good with high street and online brands, without spending lots of money on designer items. This is exactly where we are looking to place ourselves as an everyday casual wear label that offers uniquely styled clothing.”

So, for what I’m wearing (majority of it being Humbug)…


The 901 Shirt

This faint blue gingham check shirt gets it name from the cocktail ‘the 901 blue’ made using 901 silver tequila. The rich blue colour in the drink comes from the blue curacao, a liqueur flavoured with the dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit, grown on the island of Curaçao.

This shirt is brushed to add softness and a textured finish to the exterior of the fabric. Finished with a faint gingham pattern by pairing two close shades of a light blue, creating an illusion from a distance of a solid coloured shirt.

The trim but comfortable fit allows for a relaxed look making it the ideal casual shirt which can be worn to fit, or over sized. At its best with a pair of dark jeans & boots.

Currently £60  £40.00!

Blue Monday Sweatshirt

Your everyday get up. Navy sweatshirt with logo patch label detailing. One of those must have items. 100% Sueded Cotton.

From its athletic roots the sweatshirt has become one of the most popular items in the wardrobe. Its casual styling has made it the ultimate everyday item for any social occasion.

Currently £40 £30.00!

…Twinned with some Asos skinny jeans and Nike Roches, you’ll be onto a winner! Take a look at Humbug for some great items.

Style it! What You Wearing?

A quick blog post to start off 2016…the optimum time to grab yourself a bargain lads!

At the beginning of December I was at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, wearing what I thought was a pretty casual set up of clothes. My mate took a picture of me and naturally it became my profile picture across social media…

…Since updating my profile picture, I’ve had lots of people ask me where I got a few of the items from, therefore, as a New Year ‘style it’, I thought I’d let you into a secret, my secret chaps…

It’s a relatively cheap and versatile outfit, suitable for many occasions, so here is a little insight (if you’re even bothered) to where and how to dress for these dark, depressing and freezing cold months at the start of the year.

Plus, you may get a ‘Brucie Bonus’ in the January sales by getting them even cheaper than I did!

Double Button Camel Coat: Primark £30.00

Burgundy Long Sleeve Polo Jumper: Primark £8.00

Black Extreme Stretch Cropped Skinny Jeans: ASOS £12.00

Camel Barbour Scarf: Debenhams £20.00

Burgundy Suede Chelsea Boots: H&M £25.00

Outfit cost total: £95.00

There’s my little cheat for you, if you’re looking for a similar look, whether it be for a smarter event or even a casual stroll around town, it’s well worth a look around!

By twining day-to-day brands with household favourites like ‘Barbour’ you can re-wear, recycle, and mix up your outfits.

Of course, ninety-five smackers for one outfit may seem a bit steep, but remember £30 of that is a coat (wear it whenever) and £25 boots, which are a nice alternative to leather shoes when heading into town on a Saturday night!

New to 2016 we’ve launched our Instagram page, if you haven’t done so already, drop us a follow @highstreetgent!