#StyleIt – Rohnis International


It’s spring (finally) and we’re looking at how you can wear what’s appropriate for this sunny, but still cold weather, when it’s likely to take a turn at any moment!

We all want to feel comfortable in this transition period from winter to summer, so a few bursts of colour and some strong wardrobe essentials will set us all up for whatever Spring may throw at us…and to be fair, it’s likely to be a whole lot of rain.

With this in mind, let me introduce to you Rohnis International. A UK based company, that, if you’re not the most daring fashion wise, but like to be on trend with trust worthy items, this is the brand for you.

Rhohni’s are an international company that design in-house and distribute innovative clothing throughout the UK and Europe with the talent and resources to supply the rest of the world.

They have been established for over 25 years and are based in Northumberland, UK. Through diligence, hard work, knowledge and connection they are able to source all their customer’s requirements globally.

All of their fashion brands are designed and developed at their head office, with the ever changing fashion trends, Rohni’s are at the forefront of worldwide research and development. Even with the samples we were sent here at High Street Gent, I can guarantee that their service is fast, efficient, reliable and very dependable.


We were sent the above polo-tee and trainers from Rohni’s D-Rock clothing range. D-Rock clothing was established with the concept of combing urban cool with an aspiring laid back sophistication.

The collection brings a unique brand of personal style with a smart street inspired image which targets today’s trend-conscious men with this exciting and versatile selection of dynamic styles. The use of a combination of traditional modern fabrics and manufacturing techniques offer a hard wearing performance which enhance the brands uniqueness and individuality.

The polo-tee we were sent is one of those key wardrobe essentials, it’s casual, but could be smart, it’s neutral in colour, it has a simple yet effective design on it and it’s versatile. For Spring, having the bird design really ties in with the seasons fashion trends.

Similar to the tee, the trainers too are versatile, they’re dark in colour, with a touch of denim, to give the casual feel. So these are most definitely a trainer for style, not for practicality like the gym, but we all need those trainers we keep clean and shiny, so it’s not an issue…They are incredibly comfy too!

We twinned the tee and trainers with some cropped black skinnies, a red bobble hat for colour and attitude, perfect for a casual-feel spring afternoon.

If you want to find out more about Rohnis International please email info@rohnis.com or visit their twitter page: @_rohnis_ to browse their ranges…and because the guys at Rohnis are so nice, if you contact them directly they can provide you with their goods at the wholesale prices as opposed to the retail price that they would find online,since we love blogging about affordable fashion.



Lead Not Follow: Spotlight Session with LUFC’s Liam Cooper


This week we’re mixing it up a bit. Stepping away from an advice column and keeping it fresh, we’ve interviewed a familiar face. For the first in a new series of posts, we fire a series of questions at Liam Cooper, Captain of Leeds United Football Club.

We thought you chaps would like to find out what the people in the limelight choose when faced with options, so here we go, here’s our quick fire interview with Liam…

  1. What would you never leave the house without?
    My wallet or card holder
  2. The item of clothing you wear most is…
    One of my snapbacks
  3. Every man should definitely own…
    A really decent belt
  4. What’s your biggest style pet peeve?
    Ugg boots on guys, Muggs!
  5. Whats your preferred style of facial hair?
    Personally, between stubble and bearded.
  6. If every day had 25 hours, what would you do with that extra hour?
    Spend it training my barnet, it takes too much styling and never does what I want.
  7. BMW/Audi/Mercedes?
    I’m currently driving a BMW and a Merc, so as long as it’s not an Audi.
  8. What’s your current song of the moment?
    “Bang my head” David Guetta ft. Sia
  9. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
    Keep your feet on the ground and keep it real.
  10. What’s your guilty pleasure?
    It’s got to be Call of Duty
  11. Were you not a professional football player, what do you think you’d be doing now?
    Football has always been my passion and what I wanted to do, so I’d probably be a coach, a trainer or a PE teacher i guess.
  12. Shop Online or in-store?
    It depends. I have a lot of personal shopper friends, and going to try items on with them can be pretty stress free. If I like it, i’ll buy it not matter where it’s from.
  13. What was your first car?
    A Vauxhall Corsa…wasn’t everyones!
  14. What’s your favourite clothing at the moment?
    Givenchy! I’m off to Vegas soon, so keeping my eye out for anything Givenchy.
  15. What’s the best present you’ve ever received?
    An Apple Macbook Air from my Mrs.
  16. Night in or night out?
    Night in!
  17. Jeans or Chinos?
    Jeans. Every time.
  18. Boxers or Briefs?
    Boxers. Although I do have briefs for sport sometimes.
  19. Who would you say is your style icon?
    It’s got to be Becks (David Beckham).
  20. What’s your tipple of choice?
    Cider – probably Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime
  21. In your life at the moment, what excites you most?
    Apart from being captain of my team and working heard for LUFC, it’s got to be my holidays later this year. I’m excited to go to Vegas, Dubai later in the year and having a break with my girlfriend and her family in Portugal.
  22. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
    I’d like to think I’d be playing in the Premier League or Scottish Premiership League and working hard enjoying something that I do day in day out.

A huge thanks to Liam for sitting in the LNF hot seat with High Street Gent.

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High Street Gent at #NottmFW with BBCR1’s Alice Levine Announcement

Here at High Street Gent we’re very excited to announce that we have been invited to attend Nottingham Fashion Week.

From Friday 22 to Saturday 30 April 2016, the city will be showcasing the latest SS16 fashion must-haves available from your favourite national chains and the fabulous independent stores in Nottingham. That means we’ll be able to find out all the first hand fashion trends, bargains and style tips, in effort to make our blog the most informative and freshest for you chaps!

Not only this, but we’re going to be attending the Q&A to ask questions to the team behind the Style Shows. We’ll then be live posting from the Style Show that’s hosted by Nottingham’s very own Alice Levine who is best known as a BBC Radio 1 DJ and TV presenter.

To make sure we’ve got everything covered, we’ve teamed up with local professional photographer kate-henderson-photography.com to ensure we pap everything precisely and get the best from best. And she is the best-of-the-best (go check her out).

So keep your eyes peeled on Saturday 30th April and there after as we let you know what we’ve learnt and how you can look pretty fly this Spring and Summer.

Join the conversation on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #NottmFW and make sure you tag @itsinnottingham and @highstreetgent in your videos and photos!

“Lead Not Follow” Weekly Takeover #2


Fashion seems to many men like something that is constraining, “inside the box” and uncomfortable and, we have to say, that’s in a certain way right! The reason this is only partially right is because a lot of men treat it as such. But this doesn’t mean that it has to be. And this where the difference between fashion and style lies. While fashion might be something that is strict and full of rules, style is each individual’s take on his appearance. Fashion should be a tool used to create style.

Finding your style might not be easy, and even though most men have a rather good picture of what they wish to look like, they somehow can’t seem to pull off the look they want. Mostly, this is not because they don’t have a clear picture of what they aspire to, but because there are details that seem to lack importance; but which in fact are probably more important than all the work you might put into creating a wardrobe.

This is why we decided to make a list of 5 quick tips which can be applied to any style, any taste and any budget. If you follow these simple aesthetics insights, your appearance will improve considerably and your outlook on “fashion” and “style” won’t be the same.

To discover these 5 tips, head over to leadnotfollow.co.uk where we’ve taken over the “Inspire Me” section…

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‘Lead Not Follow’ Collab Announcement


We are very excited to announce our collaboration with Lead Not Follow.

Every Sunday evening we’ll be taking over the ‘Inspire Me’ section at leadnotfollow.co.uk and discussing a variety of  menswear topics, lifestyle hacks and even some interviews from some familiar faces up and down the country.

Lead Not Follow (LNF) jumped out as cracking platform that we knew we wanted to be part of. It twins perfectly everything us gents want whether it be for a cool-calm-and-collected-casual look ,or a dapper-chap outfit all for a very reasonable price. Think of it as your one stop shop for key wardrobe essentials.

Once we got chatting to LNF, they offered us the perfect opportunity to create content and opinion pieces once a week to guide and ‘inspire’ you chaps to lifestyle hacks and style tips.

To view our first article on the’Inspire Me’ platform, please head here.


The Bearded Truth – Grizzly Adam Beard Care



Spring brings warmer temperatures, causing increased sebum production, meaning its more important than ever to keep your facial hair clean and deodorized. With this in mind, we’ve test run a quaint little bard care company called Grizzly Adam Beard Care that will be right up all of you beardy-bastards’ street. We’ve tests 3 of the products so you can avoid synthetic shampoos that strip your beard of natural oils, and opting instead for an all natural soap or a cleansing oil. These alternatives to store bought shampoos will keep your beard clean and deodorized without stripping it of necessary nutrients.

For the past three weeks Matt has had the pleasure of reviewing the Grizzly Adam Beard Care bundle. The kit contains products would cost £44.95 (but a lot more if all purchased separately). Included in the bundle is:

  • BEARD WASH 200ml – A Gentle Beard Shampoo and Wash by Grizzly Adam – Formulated Specifically For Your Beard and Moustache
  • PREMIUM BEARD OIL for Men – Keep Your Beard Healthy, Groomed and Tamed Naturally. Moisturizes Beard Hair and Skin, Eliminates Itching and Dandruff (Beard-druff) for a kissable and respectable beard. Use daily for the best beard effect
  • GRIZZLY ADAM BEARD BALM is the top gentlemans leave-in beard conditioner and thickener with natural oils to help with brittle beards, beard-druff, itching and split ends on the market. Fight patchiness! Use daily for the best beard effect

Upon opening the package, I was immediately impressed by the design and construct of the items. From the simple, yet elegant, cut logo and text, to the polished branded bottle, I was swept off my feet from the get go! If that wasn’t enough to get you excited about this product, the products have a clean and appealing scent! As soon as you open the package, you will smell the amazing goodness!

Firstly, we begin with the Beard Wash, it foams nicely with warm water and is easy to work into the beard. If you take a while to wake up in the morning then you’ll find this gives a much-needed zesty slap around the face!

Simple to apply and work into your morning shower routine adding no time to wait you would normally do. Lather it up whilst you wait for your shower gel to settle in elsewhere.

Secondly, the Beard oil. Other than the scent, which sets this item apart from its competitors is it helps to hydrate your skin and also to look after your beard at the same time. It works to provide essential oil to your skin and this penetrates the follicles of your hair. When your hair follicles are well moisturised this helps to ensure that your hair does not dry out or become brittle. Moisturised skin will be soft and smooth and using beard oil helps to avoid itchy or flaky skin which can cause discomfort.

To use, simply pour a dime-sized amount of product into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and lightly rub into your beard (use a nickel-sized amount for longer beards). And remember, when putting new products in your beard, it is best to do so after a shower. This allows your hair to fully absorb the product and its nutrients.

NOTE: When placing oily products into your beard, it is important to know that you should always start mid-shaft and rub down to the tips of the hair. Oily products should not be applied to the root of the hair since that will be the healthiest part of the hair. If desired you may want to blow dry your beard to dry out some of the excess oil.

This product can be used every day, or every few days (depending on your bearded needs). It is also important to understand this is an oil-based liquid and will not aid in keeping fly-aways and curly-q’s down as it doesn’t have enough weight to make your hair lay flat. After three weeks of use, my beard feels softer and in better quality, it has aided in keeping my hair untangled.

Next comes the Wax.  There are a few ways of applying this product to your mustache. The first way is to use the back of your nail to scrape away small layers of wax and ball them up (about the size of a skittle). Rub the skittle-sized wax between your two index fingers until it becomes fibrous when separating your fingers. Once this is done, slowly spread the wax on one side of the mustache, starting from the center of the lip and moving out to the tip.

The wax holds fairly well. Inevitably you will have to monitor your mustache, as the wax may degrade throughout the day (especially when you eat and drink a lot, or if your body generates a good amount of heat). Still, this wax holds up better than any other that I have tried to date.

This all-natural, leave-in conditioner is perfectly formulated to prevent split ends, control frizz and tangles, soften whiskers for those intimate encounters, relieve dry, itchy skin, reduce patchiness, and make you and your awesome beard much more attractive. Beard Balm works for all varieties and lengths of facial hair.


So the question is, would we recommend this product? Based on the scent alone, yes! However, at a price point of £44.95 for the set, it definitely ranges on the more expensive side of things. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and in this case you get a good quality product that smells good and lasts relatively long. The delivery of the product was quick and pain-free, costing £3.99 the product arrived in 2 days! Easy to work into the routine, not time consuming at all and sizes are bang on for value for money – a lot of others in the market are very expensive for lower quantity.  Either way you can’t go wrong with Grizzly Adam Beard Care.

Would we use it again? YES!

Thanks to Grizzly Adam for the free products, to provide this review.