High Street Gent at #NottmFW with BBCR1’s Alice Levine Announcement

Here at High Street Gent we’re very excited to announce that we have been invited to attend Nottingham Fashion Week.

From Friday 22 to Saturday 30 April 2016, the city will be showcasing the latest SS16 fashion must-haves available from your favourite national chains and the fabulous independent stores in Nottingham. That means we’ll be able to find out all the first hand fashion trends, bargains and style tips, in effort to make our blog the most informative and freshest for you chaps!

Not only this, but we’re going to be attending the Q&A to ask questions to the team behind the Style Shows. We’ll then be live posting from the Style Show that’s hosted by Nottingham’s very own Alice Levine who is best known as a BBC Radio 1 DJ and TV presenter.

To make sure we’ve got everything covered, we’ve teamed up with local professional photographer kate-henderson-photography.com to ensure we pap everything precisely and get the best from best. And she is the best-of-the-best (go check her out).

So keep your eyes peeled on Saturday 30th April and there after as we let you know what we’ve learnt and how you can look pretty fly this Spring and Summer.

Join the conversation on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #NottmFW and make sure you tag @itsinnottingham and @highstreetgent in your videos and photos!

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