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Wedding workouts to look great in a suit

You don’t want to look messy at your wedding and if you have already bought the suit you want to make sure you don’t look sloppy when you see her walking down the aisles.

Chaps, how do you remove your back hair when you’re single?

As us men get older, the hairs atop of our head thin out whilst patches of fuzz pop up in less desirable locations, such as the shoulders and back. That’s where Baldape Parlour come in. Baldape have harnessed a the ‘Lather &; loof’ technique for the best hair removal solution in the business.

Ocean Refresh Flip-Flops – Freeing Our Oceans of Plastic, One Step At A Time

Find out more about sustainable footwear brand Ocean Refresh - their mission is what drives them to do everything possible to make our oceans cleaner. They do that by creating innovative footwear, from groundbreaking materials.

Combat a slow metabolism with a balanced lifestyle

Metabolism refers to the process of converting the calories you eat into energy. It determines your daily calorie intake to maintain your weight. Let's take a closer look...

Why is looking after your gut important?

It’s no secret that our gut is our second brain. A heck of a lot goes on inside this part of the body and that impacts how we feel both physically and mentally. That’s why it’s so important to make sure we look after ourselves properly and maintain it!

4 Steps To Improve Oral Health Care in Men

Gentlemen in this article you are going to find out how to best care for your teeth and improve your overall oral care. Regardless of the teeth situation that you have going on, we all can keep the ones we have healthier and cleaner.

British Footballers with The Most Champions League Trophies

The UEFA Champions League is one of the biggest tournaments in European football and British teams have brought home thirteen trophies in total since competing in the 1950s. But, who are the most successful British footballers in the history of the game?

Getting support if you have been a victim of sexual abuse

#ItStillMatters - Studies show that 1 in 6 men have been targets of rape or sexual abuse, that’s 5 million men in the UK. Abusers don’t discriminate – it can happen to any man, of any age, race, class or sexual identity. 

How to pick the right men’s grooming products

When it comes to picking the right grooming products, the answer is quite must know your grooming needs: from skin type, to hair type to what you want to achieve. It’s then allowing specialist brands help you find new favorites to add to your morning or evening routine....

The History of the UK’s Most Popular Cocktails

Oh, we all love a cocktail or two! Did you know World Cocktail Day is 13th May and mixologists go wild! That’s why the experts…

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