What’s the best fragrance to wear on a date?

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We all know women love the smell of fragrance on a man. In fact, one study by the famous Kinsey Institute in America found ladies who smelled a male fragrance while fantasising about an erotic experience became more sexually aroused due to the aroma. The erotic effect of choosing the right eau de toilette, then, is far from just a marketing gimmick.

If you’re after summer perfumes to take that tinder date to the next level, it’s most certainly important to get all the senses titillated. But, remember, not all scents are created equal in the sensuality stakes. Eau de toilettes from the ‘oriental’ family of fragrances – characterised by notes of wood, gum resin and sweet notes such as vanilla – tend to be the sexiest, holding her attention in a way that bright, citrusy fragrances don’t.

Choosing the right cologne for you isn’t quite as difficult as, say, disarming a field of landmines. On the other hand, choosing the wrong cologne can blow up on you in less obvious ways, including the fact that you may offend that very individual you’re trying to impress!

You don’t want to be that guy; the one who creates actual distance between himself and others, and ruins a potentially hot evening before the flame ignites. Choose wisely. As they say, knowledge is power, and we hope to provide you with the kind of knowledge that makes your buying choice easier – and appropriate.

With that in mind, before heading off on your date and wanting to ‘woo’ her whole heartedly, here are 6 things to consider before you choose the fragrance for the big night…


Never buy a cologne, perfume, or eau de toilette without first trying it on your skin. It’s one thing to do the bottle-sniff test, but another to put it on your skin and allow to interact with your skin chemistry. And how it smells on your skin is slightly different than how it smells on the next guy’s skin, and the next guys, and … you get the picture.


You can do a ton of research, read reviews, look at labels, and find out plenty of detail about the base notes and to notes of each fragrance. Not that it’s bad information, but how you react to its scent is an emotion, one you won’t find on a label. Trust your instincts.


Or, even if you do trust your instincts, why not bring someone with you, especially a significant other or trusted female friend? Let’s cut the b.s., one of the reasons you wear cologne is that it’s a seduction tool. We’re not saying that cologne guarantees that you’ll get laid, but its good to have every tool (pun intended) at your disposal. Or, bring a man. Just make sure it’s someone you trust enough to tell you that a certain cologne works on your skin or it doesn’t.


“Composition” refers to the different elements that make up a scent, such as notes of leather or sandalwood, and the best colognes typically have a unique composition that separates them from the rest. It’s tough to judge composition and what you see on the label is often written by marketers.

The composition is another reason to test a fragrance with a sample that you leave on for up to 15 minutes. By then, the initial notes have gone and you’re much closer to experiencing the cologne’s overall scent – the scent that’s going to last you through the day.


Experts advise that you change your fragrance for each season. For example, summer-appropriate scents are fresh, fruity and floral, while wood and spice scents – the kind that “warm” you up – are best when the temperatures start to drop.


Experts even suggest that the cologne you wear should complement what you eat: if you eat a lot of spicy food, you probably have a weaker sense of smell and taste than the next guy. So, buy a cologne that has a bit of spice to it.


The tables have turned when it comes to dating…

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The tables have turned when it comes to dating and finding a potential new partner and now it’s British men who focus on the person and who they are, whereas women are more likely to seek out good looks.

Following the launch of a new Eye Bags & Dark Circles cream from Remescar, the team undertook a survey as part of an ongoing study into lifestyle factors. 2,197 Britons aged 18 and over took part in the survey, all of whom stated they were single and dating in order to find a potential new partner, were quizzed about their likes and their dislikes.

Initially all respondents were asked ‘Do you consider yourself to be fussy when it comes to meeting someone new?’ to which 61% of respondents confessed that ‘yes’ they were fussy, whilst the remaining 39% stated ‘no’ they weren’t. Of those who said they were fussy, the top reasons cited were ‘I don’t want to waste my time with someone who’s not for me’ (31%) and ‘I know what I like and what I don’t like’ (22%). The most common reason, however, for those who considered themselves not to be fussy was ‘I like to open-minded in case I find someone that’s not my usual type’ (56%).

All male respondents were asked what they looked for in a potential new partner. When provided with a list of possible responses and told to select all that applied, the top five responses were:

1. Good personality, someone to have a laugh with – 59%
2. Confidence – 56%
3. Intelligence – 42%
4. How she gets on with friends and family – 37%
5. A good family ethic – 30%

Similarly, all female respondents were also asked what they looked for a in a potential new partner. They were too provided with the same list of possible responses and told to select all that applied, the top five responses were as follows:

1. A nice smile – 71%
2. Good personality, someone to have a laugh with – 62%
3. My preferred body type – 61%
4. A good family ethic – 44%
5. Confidence – 40%

According to the poll, just 31% of male respondents admitted that they would ignore or avoid someone of the opposite sex based upon their looks, whilst 70% of female respondents admitted that they would ignore or avoid the opposite sex because of the way they looked.

Carien Veldhuis, Marketing Manager at Remescar, commented:

“The results here are interesting, highlighting that women are more likely to look at physical attributes than men are – particularly based on first appearances and whether or not they continue to engage in a conversation with them. It’s shocking to hear that so many women, and likewise so many men, will ignore someone of the opposite sex based upon the way they look; you never know, that could be your Mr or Mrs Right right there, and you’ve snubbed them because they don’t quite marry up to the image of your dream partner that you’ve built up in your head. Ultimately looks aren’t everything – at the end of the day you want to be able to have an intelligent conversation with your partner when it’s just the two of you.”

Remescar’s new Eye Bags & Dark Circles cream can be found in all major UK Boots stores, or online for £29.95 here.

Top Dating Turn Offs

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Keep swiping…

New research by a professional teeth whitening company has revealed the top dating turn offs, with cheesy chat up lines and imperfect teeth topping the list. According to the poll, over half of Britons have gone on to date someone who they had initially been turned off by, according to the first impression.

A third of single Britons base their first impressions of potential suitors on their physical appearance and what they’re wearing, whilst only 29% find that their first impressions tend to be correct. In terms of first impressions, cheesy chat up lines and imperfect teeth are considered to be the biggest turn off.

The team at www.iWhiteInstant.com the research as part of an ongoing study into what Britons are attracted to in others and how appearance plays a part in this. 2,187 Britons aged 18 and over, all of whom stated they were single and had been on at least two dates in the past six months, were quizzed about first impressions.

Initially all respondents were asked ‘How do you judge someone when you first meet them?’ to which the most common responses were ‘by their physical appearance’ (31%), ‘by what they’re wearing’ (30%) and ‘by the way that they introduce themselves’ (27%). All respondents were then asked ‘How often do you find that your first impression is correct?’ with over two fifths of respondents, 43%, admitting their first impressions were only ‘50/50’ right, whilst remaining respondents admitted they were right ‘most of the time’ (29%) or ‘almost never’ (28%).

Wanting to delve a little deeper, all respondents were asked what they consider to be the biggest turnoffs when meeting someone new. When provided with a list of potential responses and told to select all that applied, the top five responses were as follows:

  1. A cheesy chat up line – 77%
  2. Imperfect teeth – 65%
  3. If they pay too much attention to their mobile – 64%
  4. Arrogance – 53%
  5. Lack of hygiene – 52%

According to the poll, a further 36% of respondents also confessed that they judge someone on whether or not they offered to pay for the date, and a further 35% admitted that they judge someone based on how they treat those around them, such as waiters.

Furthermore, when asked if they had ever gone on to date someone who had turned them off at the first instance, 57% confessed that ‘yes’ they had, citing ‘I got to know them and enjoyed their company’ (38%) and ‘I didn’t make the best first impression myself’ (30%).

Carien Veldhuis, Marketing Manager at iWhite Instant, said:

“It’s interesting to see what Britons consider to be the top turnoffs when meeting new people, and that cheesy chat up lines are considered to be the worst. It’s a telling sign that you should just be yourself on a date; tell them about your interests and ask about them theirs and be honest.”

“That being said, it’s no surprise that imperfect teeth came in at second on the top turnoffs either; this is one of those evolutionary things we look for in a mate. That’s not to say people have to have the kind of perfect pearly whites that you’d expect to see in a magazine, but make sure you take good care of your teeth!”