Fuse Clothing – more than just a band tee

“Fuse Clothing brings together various music events. We use our experience and combine the moments that make music events special, producing high quality impact clothing designs to make sure you stand out from the crowd, while keeping that personal twist!”  Fuse Clothing.

As soon as I stumbled upon Fuse Clothing via Twitter, I knew I’d like what they had to offer…

Fuse Clothing is a contemporary UK based clothing brand, which produces unique and specially designed items relating to the music industry. Inspired by a love of both music and design they provide high quality, hand crafted t-shirts perfect for any occasion.

Fuse Clothing brings together influences from popular music events, using these experiences andmoments that make them special to create designs with impact that make sure you stand out from the crowd, while keeping that personal twist.

At Fuse Clothing, it’s not just good design that is valued, but also the quality of all products. They use only the highest quality 100% cotton garmentfor a long-lasting t-shirts that feel just as good to wear as they look.

Combined with expert print techniques developed over several years and meticulous attention to detail, we’re confident that you will not only love the designs, but also all the small details that make the products unique – from the packaging and labels to their beautiful quality.

“They say a picture speaks a thousand words…Well our t-shirts tell a million stories.”

After launching in late 2014, Fuse Clothing has already started to establish itself as a popular brand with festival-goers, as well as hitting the streets of Manchester. With new designs being continually developed, the range is set for further expansion over the next few months, as a result of attracting interest from both smaller boutique shops and national chains. Along with the potential investment of sales agents, hopefully you will see Fuse Clothing popping up in a shop near you!

When heading over to the online store, you will see how competitively priced Fuse is against any huge high street retailer, noticing that they offer a unique and individual style of brand. The t-shirts themselves of course are all individually thought about and designed, with the greater appeal of the music industry taking a focused lead in their design approach. This means you’re getting a tshirt that is a cut above the rest, safe in the knowledge one of your mate’s hasn’t got the same thing!

Whilst on the website you’ll notice that it’s fresh, well designed and easy to navigate…better for those casual browsers and hasty shoppers.

So, be ahead of the crowd and look sharp; all whilst supporting a local growing business.

For a closer look at Fuse Clothing’s range and designs head over to FUSE CLOTHING or keep up-to-date by following on twitter: @fuseclothing

This post is a collaborative piece written by Sam Davis (Fuse Clothing) and Dan Sinnott (High Street Gent).

Up Town Punk Sunglasses

Punk Sunglasses 2

Chaps, don’t dismiss eBay as a good place to find a bargain…

From time to time I spend an afternoon trawling through eBay for something a bit quirky or alternative (‘coolternative’ as my pals and I call it), to try and set myself apart from the crowd.

The ‘easypeasyonlinestore‘ is perfect for this!

I was heading off to Ibiza a few weeks ago and wanted some funky sunglasses for a good price, that could withstand the Spanish sun and potential drunken endeavours…my search bought back a pair of “Flip up circle Steampunk Glasses Goggles Sunglasses”.

Steampunk Sunnies = the quirky round frame clear lens glasses with a tinted lense that raise off…just what I needed!


eBay’s easypeasyonlinestore stock and sell several things, most of all, a variety of sunglasses under their ‘ultra’ range, and best thing of all…reasonably priced!

The pair I’m wearing above are currently £5.99 with free P&P.

The frame is thick and sturdy for a cheaper pair of glasses and the lenses are of strong perspex…what more could you ask for?

Take a look at their eBay store here.

Look out for upcoming posts on worthy eBay stores I’ve used recently. People have their eBay reservations…I don’t, use PayPal and you’ll be sorted!.