What do you know about male escorting?

You've heard about escorting, right? But what do you truly know about it? Despite what they think, most people don't know what goes on in this industry. That's why people are quick to judge someone like an escort when they hear about it.

Festival Must-Haves 2017

What are you up for this summer? Staying home? Jetting off to warmer climes? Or joining the festivals? It's not over yet! Ban the boohoo’s…

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How to Handle Going Bald

When you have hair it’s easy to choose a hair style and try different things. What do you do if you’re someone who’s beginning to…

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How Haunted is your House?

Interactive Quiz Launched To Shed Light On Spooky Happenings A haunted house site has been launched to coincide with Halloween, allowing users the opportunity to…

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5 Amazing Gin & Tonics you NEED to try

If you know us, you'll know we're massive G&T fans - especially Dan, if he's not stood with a prosecco in hand, we guarantee he'll be…

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The Excuse Generator for England Fans

Euro 2016 is upon us. As a guy from Leicester, the city is buzzing at the moment and everyone is STILL celebrating the unprecedented win…

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