Lead Not Follow: Spotlight Session with LUFC’s Liam Cooper


This week we’re mixing it up a bit. Stepping away from an advice column and keeping it fresh, we’ve interviewed a familiar face. For the first in a new series of posts, we fire a series of questions at Liam Cooper, Captain of Leeds United Football Club.

We thought you chaps would like to find out what the people in the limelight choose when faced with options, so here we go, here’s our quick fire interview with Liam…

  1. What would you never leave the house without?
    My wallet or card holder
  2. The item of clothing you wear most is…
    One of my snapbacks
  3. Every man should definitely own…
    A really decent belt
  4. What’s your biggest style pet peeve?
    Ugg boots on guys, Muggs!
  5. Whats your preferred style of facial hair?
    Personally, between stubble and bearded.
  6. If every day had 25 hours, what would you do with that extra hour?
    Spend it training my barnet, it takes too much styling and never does what I want.
  7. BMW/Audi/Mercedes?
    I’m currently driving a BMW and a Merc, so as long as it’s not an Audi.
  8. What’s your current song of the moment?
    “Bang my head” David Guetta ft. Sia
  9. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
    Keep your feet on the ground and keep it real.
  10. What’s your guilty pleasure?
    It’s got to be Call of Duty
  11. Were you not a professional football player, what do you think you’d be doing now?
    Football has always been my passion and what I wanted to do, so I’d probably be a coach, a trainer or a PE teacher i guess.
  12. Shop Online or in-store?
    It depends. I have a lot of personal shopper friends, and going to try items on with them can be pretty stress free. If I like it, i’ll buy it not matter where it’s from.
  13. What was your first car?
    A Vauxhall Corsa…wasn’t everyones!
  14. What’s your favourite clothing at the moment?
    Givenchy! I’m off to Vegas soon, so keeping my eye out for anything Givenchy.
  15. What’s the best present you’ve ever received?
    An Apple Macbook Air from my Mrs.
  16. Night in or night out?
    Night in!
  17. Jeans or Chinos?
    Jeans. Every time.
  18. Boxers or Briefs?
    Boxers. Although I do have briefs for sport sometimes.
  19. Who would you say is your style icon?
    It’s got to be Becks (David Beckham).
  20. What’s your tipple of choice?
    Cider – probably Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime
  21. In your life at the moment, what excites you most?
    Apart from being captain of my team and working heard for LUFC, it’s got to be my holidays later this year. I’m excited to go to Vegas, Dubai later in the year and having a break with my girlfriend and her family in Portugal.
  22. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
    I’d like to think I’d be playing in the Premier League or Scottish Premiership League and working hard enjoying something that I do day in day out.

A huge thanks to Liam for sitting in the LNF hot seat with High Street Gent.

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Style it! ft. Skull & Bones


image2You chaps have been more interested in what I’ve been wearing and how recently, so here goes another ‘style it!’.

With Spring approaching fast, although it’s still bloody freezing out, we’re all going to start peeling back the layers and try to bask in whatever sun we can grasp at.

Bear that in mind, pop your thermals back in the wardrobe and here are a few things to consider for the coming weeks. I’m going to share with you a cracking little store I’ve stumbled across  that has some great items at very reasonable prices and with that we can officially announce we’ve gone international…

Skull & Bones

Skull & Bones is a mens underwear and t-shirt company that uniquely merges activewear, premium fabrics, and minimalist design to create a unique blend of comfort and forward-looking style. Through their blend of luxurious and high-tech fabrics, they provide customers with lightweight, premium undergarments that looks as good on under clothes as they do on a bedroom floor.

Like you, they were tired of the current trends in men’s premium underwear. Everything was boring! The fabric wasn’t soft or comfortable enough. The selections of colours were bland. There was no fashion-forward edge to anything in the luxury underwear market.

They knew they would have to start from scratch. They sampled every kind of fabric possible, tried hundreds of fits, and obsessed over every single stitch until they created our dream product. Then they made it even more luxurious by incorporating superior fabrics like Modal, Supima Cotton, and high-tech Carbon Fiber.

They promise to provide you, the customers, with the clothing that will allow you to be your most confident and comfortable, no matter the occasion. S&B promise to provide you with the products to support your active lifestyle, whether you’re hitting the gym or getting ready for a night out. They understand a man’s desire for excitement and adventure – and want to be the product you turn to at every milestone. They’re here, quite literally, to support you any way that they can.

You won’t find another clothing company that reflects the sexy, fashion-forward design and attitude of New York City.

The focus on their multipurpose clothing means you can mix it, dress it up for occasions or dress it down for the gym. With this in mind Dan & Tom have chosen two ways in which to wear Skull & Bones.

Get the look:







Dan also tried a pair of the S&B’s BASIC TRUNK IN BLACK that are apparently “extremely comfy and supportive.”

Both Dan & Tom said that Skull & Bones clothes are ridiculously nice to wear, they aren’t lying when they say the material has been tested over and over to find the best for us chaps to wear – its incredibly comfy!

Style it! What You Wearing?

A quick blog post to start off 2016…the optimum time to grab yourself a bargain lads!

At the beginning of December I was at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, wearing what I thought was a pretty casual set up of clothes. My mate took a picture of me and naturally it became my profile picture across social media…

…Since updating my profile picture, I’ve had lots of people ask me where I got a few of the items from, therefore, as a New Year ‘style it’, I thought I’d let you into a secret, my secret chaps…

It’s a relatively cheap and versatile outfit, suitable for many occasions, so here is a little insight (if you’re even bothered) to where and how to dress for these dark, depressing and freezing cold months at the start of the year.

Plus, you may get a ‘Brucie Bonus’ in the January sales by getting them even cheaper than I did!

Double Button Camel Coat: Primark £30.00

Burgundy Long Sleeve Polo Jumper: Primark £8.00

Black Extreme Stretch Cropped Skinny Jeans: ASOS £12.00

Camel Barbour Scarf: Debenhams £20.00

Burgundy Suede Chelsea Boots: H&M £25.00

Outfit cost total: £95.00

There’s my little cheat for you, if you’re looking for a similar look, whether it be for a smarter event or even a casual stroll around town, it’s well worth a look around!

By twining day-to-day brands with household favourites like ‘Barbour’ you can re-wear, recycle, and mix up your outfits.

Of course, ninety-five smackers for one outfit may seem a bit steep, but remember £30 of that is a coat (wear it whenever) and £25 boots, which are a nice alternative to leather shoes when heading into town on a Saturday night!

New to 2016 we’ve launched our Instagram page, if you haven’t done so already, drop us a follow @highstreetgent!

140 Characters away from a new wardbrobe

Man holding up iPhone displaying the Twitter App in a City with Sky Scrapers

Did you know Twitter could become your newest fashion tool. It’s an app a huge percentage of us have already got, but have you noticed how down played the power of Twitter is as a fashion tool?

There are a vast amount of companies, brands, back street shops, designers, artists and textile companies battling it out on Twitter for a bit of lime-light and your custom, all to for your benefit.

In doing our bit to keep your wallets protected, we’ve got a few handy tips on how Twitter can help you save a little money…

Start by following as many of your favourite fashion brands and bloggers as possible to broaden your horizons so the places you purchase from are easy to find. With tweets from the brands, the deals will automatically seek you out and you’ll know where to get things for a bit of a bargain.

Not only will our favourite brands use those 140 characters to keep you updated on the new trends, newest stock and top picks…they’ll also notify you when they have some great sales on! This means we’re all carrying around a guide to sale items around in our pocket gents. It’s all there at our finger tips! Come on, we check our phones on the reg; on our lunch break, on the loo (yes we all do it) or when we’re bored – and it’s worth following our favourite shop just to get that valued information delivered to us without doing anything, its a free service!

But, hold the phone, that is not all Twitter has to offer…  By following an array of small brands, upcoming and local stores, you’ll often get a Direct Message (‘DM’ for you cool kids) with discounts and offers just for following them!

We’ve worked out 92.3% of 178 small brands over the passed months have dropped us a DM with discounts. It’s a clever marketing tool used for saying “thank you for the follow” and probably for the reason we mentioned above…the stores come to us now, it’s up to them to prove to us we’re worthy of their custom.

Standard offers usually include:

  • 10% off your first order
  • Free Postage & Packaging
  • 25% off selected ranges as a new customer
  • Free returns policy
  • Buy one branded tee get one half price

We’d therefore recommend when you’re treating yourself on payday or any-day – take a look on Twitter first.

Try and find the item through an independent store, you may be able to save yourself a few pennies! In the process you’ll be helping the small business man too and still be looking good, with a bargain on your shoulders!

Super Cool, Extra Hot, Ibiza, Rocks!

So this weekend marks the 20th Anniversary of Radio One in Ibiza and it seems like every guy and his scrunchy is heading there!

This weekend’s events mark the very peak of peak season, clubbers, so if you are in Ibiza on Friday the 31st of July you’re going to want tto look your best at the open air Ushuaïa Beach Hotel. 7000 will rave with DJ sets from none other than Disclosure and Calvin Harris, the event hosted by Radio 1 darling, Annie Mac…so stand out from the crowd!

Like every night, all season, in Ibiza, the party rages poolside from 17:00 until midnight over a jam packed weekend that is completely free of charge, a nightmare to consider what to wear though, right?!

All this comes as a bit of a blow knowing that only 2 weeks ago I was there, in the thick of it, partying on down on the White Isle, but maybe I can help…

If your like me, whilst I was there I wanted to look top notch, the freshest of fresh and slick, fitting in with the crowd, but managing to spin my own alternative style on what I was wearing. All this in 35+ degree heat. Which, with a bit of planning and knowing what to take can be achieved!

For those big nights that I hit Ushuaia, Amnesia and Cafe Mambo, I had 3 staple outfits that would keep me cool (in the heat), recognizable to my friends, and hopefully a fashionable guy to onlookers…all for a reasonable price. Which actually happened…I hope!

So if you’re actually interested and want to wear more than your swim shorts at these events, here goes:


Grey Softmore Shorts, with long cream drawer string – TOPMAN £14 (currently in sale) // Vintage, light weight short sleeved short – Wild Clothing Nottingham £9.00 // White Ankle Sports Socks – Primark Mens – 5 pairs for £4 //  Grey, White, Peach Nike Air Max 1 – ProDirect (Great offers and discounts on Nikes) // Retro Punk Flip-Up Glasses – EasyPeasyOnlineStore Ebay £5.50



Multi-coloured marble effect swim shorts – Primark Mens – £4.50 // Cobalt Blotch Poplin Short Sleeve Casual Shirt (worn open) – Topman £15 (currently in sale) // Nike Low Tops Dip Dye green & white – ProDirect.

Cafè Mambo:

White super skinny jeans (rolled up)- Asos Menswear £25 // *Rewear* Cobalt Blotch Poplin Short Sleeve Casual Shirt (worn open) – Topman £15 (currently in sale) // Loafer Burgundy Tassel Loafers – Topman £20 (Currently in Sale) // Snapback – SIZE £21.

Of course you want to keep your luggage as light as possible, so I re-wore a few key items in different ways.

Hopefully this little guide to where you can find a couple of things in the sale will help!

You also can’t beat a good best and short combo! ✌🏼️

Burton Menswear -Take me to Church, or Town, or Work…

“We put a lot of care into the cut of our off the peg suits which are the perfect fusion of quality and affordability” Burton Menswear.

Before I get on to the sale items, not all but 6 weeks ago I bought a new suit from Burton and was more than impressed, so when taking a look at Burton’s sale today, I’ve noticed the best deals are in their suit & formal wear department.

Burton’s has a great offer on at the moment for suits – whether it’s for your day-to-day work attire, a suit for a special occasion, or in fact your on the look out for that solid-key-priced blazer for a night up town, Burton will have it, I guarantee.

A few weeks ago, I was heading in to town with the daunting task of finding a new suit for an upcoming pal’s wedding, but also wanted it to be able to wear afterwards to work. I mention the next statement though gritted teeth as I always thought Burton was for the ‘older guy’ with very ‘safe’ and ‘nice’ designs and items, but nothing really for me in my mid twenties. Well, how wrong could I have been? I walked past Burton and noticed quite a striking (not to some people’s tastes) light grey, crosshatched, pattern three-piece suit in the window, and hanging behind the mannequin was a huge roller-banner print that stated “Suits From £99, including free shoes.”

Of course, the bargain buster in me hastily ran straight inside and to the suit department. I was greeted by an array of really quirky, high tailored suits and automatically fell into my element.

I firstly took a close look at the previously mentioned Grey Suit, but thought, rocking around at work wearing that would draw a lot of attention, so i should stick to a plainer suit, that had just as much charm and charisma…

After plenty of trying on and twinning up, I settled on a 3 piece, mid-blue, Skinny fit suit that more than lived up to everything i wanted. The suit was £110…but for the Trousers, Blazer and Waistcoat. Luckily, the plainer design and easy to match colour makes each item, stand alone. Even Better.

To top it off, I grabbed my free pair of shoes, that are a very sturdy, tan coloured, leather brogue! The free shoes meant I saved myself £45.

Burton currently have a Menswear Sale, including huge reductions on suits (full suits from £59), some great quirky numbers or classics, depending on your occasion or style. They also do a standard range of suits from £79 on wards.

Above & below I am wearing, the mid blue texture slim fit suit, jacket is single breasted with 2 button fastening, complete with a navy jacquard lining and white pocket insert. Twinned with the tan brogues.


Fuse Clothing – more than just a band tee

“Fuse Clothing brings together various music events. We use our experience and combine the moments that make music events special, producing high quality impact clothing designs to make sure you stand out from the crowd, while keeping that personal twist!”  Fuse Clothing.

As soon as I stumbled upon Fuse Clothing via Twitter, I knew I’d like what they had to offer…

Fuse Clothing is a contemporary UK based clothing brand, which produces unique and specially designed items relating to the music industry. Inspired by a love of both music and design they provide high quality, hand crafted t-shirts perfect for any occasion.

Fuse Clothing brings together influences from popular music events, using these experiences andmoments that make them special to create designs with impact that make sure you stand out from the crowd, while keeping that personal twist.

At Fuse Clothing, it’s not just good design that is valued, but also the quality of all products. They use only the highest quality 100% cotton garmentfor a long-lasting t-shirts that feel just as good to wear as they look.

Combined with expert print techniques developed over several years and meticulous attention to detail, we’re confident that you will not only love the designs, but also all the small details that make the products unique – from the packaging and labels to their beautiful quality.

“They say a picture speaks a thousand words…Well our t-shirts tell a million stories.”

After launching in late 2014, Fuse Clothing has already started to establish itself as a popular brand with festival-goers, as well as hitting the streets of Manchester. With new designs being continually developed, the range is set for further expansion over the next few months, as a result of attracting interest from both smaller boutique shops and national chains. Along with the potential investment of sales agents, hopefully you will see Fuse Clothing popping up in a shop near you!

When heading over to the online store, you will see how competitively priced Fuse is against any huge high street retailer, noticing that they offer a unique and individual style of brand. The t-shirts themselves of course are all individually thought about and designed, with the greater appeal of the music industry taking a focused lead in their design approach. This means you’re getting a tshirt that is a cut above the rest, safe in the knowledge one of your mate’s hasn’t got the same thing!

Whilst on the website you’ll notice that it’s fresh, well designed and easy to navigate…better for those casual browsers and hasty shoppers.

So, be ahead of the crowd and look sharp; all whilst supporting a local growing business.

For a closer look at Fuse Clothing’s range and designs head over to FUSE CLOTHING or keep up-to-date by following on twitter: @fuseclothing

This post is a collaborative piece written by Sam Davis (Fuse Clothing) and Dan Sinnott (High Street Gent).

A High Street Gent?

“I think I’m slightly impulsive, sometimes organised and always in search of a bargain!”

For the average paid young professional, like myself, staying on trend and trying to look good can be pricey… I’m always thinking about how I can re-wear my favourite items of clothing without people noticing on social media that ‘he always wears that’. I tend to spend time frantically hunting through the sale racks for those items people hide at the back for that right pair of jeans that ‘aren’t too much’, or that tee I desperately want before everyone else!

However, it is getting easier. With E-blasts crashing into inboxes daily, Tweets soaring down your news feed and Instagram posts pappin’ the high street’s best deals, the fashion-loving-inner me, is in its element. Bargains now search for us, it’s just knowing where, when and how.

For those who would rather not venture into town on a Saturday, hopefully, by staying ‘in the loop’ it can be simple to head in the right direction, be in and out the shop quickly, wallet intact and looking fly.

Keep an eye out as I launch and build up my blog. Feedback is of course always welcome.


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