Eco-friendly deodorant and the sweet smell of sustainability!

Do you ever think about how many deodorant packs or cans you throw away each year? Well, Proverb spend a huge amount of time debating and researching packaging options for our natural deodorant and came to the conclusion that no packing is the best packaging.

Pants with a purpose to give you confidence

We all (well most of us wear pants) and those of us that do, are looking for more sustainable ways to contribute to the planet or believe and belong to something good. That’s why the only underwear choice for me now is CAVALIER.

Ocean Refresh Flip-Flops – Freeing Our Oceans of Plastic, One Step At A Time

Find out more about sustainable footwear brand Ocean Refresh - their mission is what drives them to do everything possible to make our oceans cleaner. They do that by creating innovative footwear, from groundbreaking materials.