Do’s and don’ts of office Christmas Party Outfits for Men

Dos and don’ts of office Christmas party outfits for men

The Christmas party season is well and truly under way, however if you’re yet to attend your office party then be sure to follow this list of dos and don’ts so you aren’t left making fashion mistakes you’ll be regretting all the way into 2017.

DON’T forget the weather

As cold as it gets during the day, evenings tend to get even colder so be sure to layer up. The perfect way to go about it is with a smart coat which you can remove once inside and throw back on when it’s time to leave and brave the wintery chill.

DO find out the dress code

Make sure you’re aware of what the actual dress code is. In most cases it’ll be smart-casual but you’re better off playing it safe and finding out – the last thing you want is to turn up in jeans to a smart do. Ask around and get an idea of what others are wearing or what people wore last year, this should give you a better idea of what look to go for.

DON’T wear your work suit

This is one of the main things to avoid – whatever you do don’t wear one of the suits you regularly wear to work. You’ll only look like you haven’t made any effort and it probably won’t make the best way of ending the year. If you’re out of ideas for clothes try switching up your work trousers for jeans to at least add a bit personality to your look.

DO try velvettailors

You might not have considered velvet but it’s certainly a material which can work very well when used in moderation and it’s texture has a festive feel to it. Throw on a velvet blazer in black or burgundy to create a sharp look (as long as it fits well) that will have you standing out amongst the Christmas party crowd.

DON’T opt for novelty items

Office parties tend to involve smart casual looks so steer clear of overtly Christmas themed clothing. While Santa hats and light up sweaters are great fun during the festive period, they’re sure to look out of place at the Christmas party. If you’re really wanting to add some festive cheer to your look then opt for something which isn’t as prominent such as Christmas socks.

DO make sure your clothes are well fitted

The type of clothing you wear is one thing, however there aren’t many items of clothing which will still look good if they aren’t well fitted. You’ll need everything from your shirt, to your blazer, to your jeans to sit just right if you want to look your very best.

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The 9 people you will find in every office

Business alliance

There’s nowhere quite like the office, full of people you spend at least eight hours a day, five days a week with. Some you love, some not so much, but chances are, you will come across at least several of these in your career…

1) The Late One

And by the late one, we mean the person who is late every single day and annoyingly gets away with it. Their lateness is never brought up because nobody even notices anymore. It would be weird if they actually showed up on time!

2) The Loud One

The whole office knows everything about their life, from what they had for tea last night to their current relationship. You know more about their life than your own family members.

3) The Newbie

Even if they have been in the office for 6 months, until someone else comes along, they will stay as the newbie.

4) The Workaholic

They’re there when you get to work and are there when you leave and you are still receiving emails off them when you’re tucked up in bed. Everyone is convinced that they actually live in the office!

5) The Dark Horse

They never talk, like ever. When they do, one of the girls in sales falls off her chair in shock. But when they say something, it’s genius, they probably understand the company better than the actual boss.

6) The Control Freak

You never need to worry about the Christmas party or even need to be organised in general, they’ve got this! They probably have spreadsheets for every possible situation and you wouldn’t dare step on their toes.

7) The Ill One

Your colleagues know more about this person’s health than their own. They are at the doctors every week about something else and whenever they are ill, they make a point of telling every single person in the office.

8) The Party Animal

This person’s most common phrases are “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” and “YOLO”, they are out most nights and Monday morning is always spent hearing about their crazy weekend.

9) The Wise Owl

What would we do without them? They just seem to know everything and not once have you seen them Google something. If you need the answers for spelling, deadlines or even just the meaning of life, the wise owl is there for you.

The question is, where do you fall on the scale and how many of you think you’re one type of person, when you could be quite the opposite…Nonetheless, you’ll know at least one of the above, whether you like it or not.