5 Reasons to Start a Blog

The blogosphere is getting ever bigger and more crowded. Many have flocked to this frontier of opportunities, determined to pierce through the noise with killer ideas and writing prowess. After all, in this day and age of digital marvels, every individual is a brand on their own. And in case you forge a stellar blog and attract huge traffic, the sky is the limit. The spoils come in the form of praise, money, connections, reputation, self-indulgence – you name it. So, here are some hard-hitting reasons why you definitely need a blog.

Being cool and hip

Ok, things may have spiraled out of control with every other person blogging about something. But, in every pile of junk lies a treasure snowed under. Those who stand out blog about something they are passionate about and they are damn good at it. It pays off to be authentic and you can let your freak flag fly. You strive to get on top of emerging trends and get to know cool, well-known people. Beyond everything else, you can show off, express your ideas, and receive (hopefully) a positive feedback.

Blogging is easy and accessible  

If you have a knack for writing, blogging is a real no-brainer. Perhaps the hardest part is setting the website up. But, with the help of platforms like WordPress, one can do it without any knowledge of web creation or HTML. Moreover, hubs such as Burst are teeming with free stock photos that can make your posts more appealing. You can use all that free time for something creative and embrace blogging as a hobby. Of course, bear in mind that if you want to transition to pro blogging, you have to step up the game.  

You can promote yourself

A blog is an amazing channel for self-promotion. Whether you want to come across as the coolest kid in town or climb up the career ladder, blogging is the way to go.  You have a sort of a digital resume that is constantly being updated. Likewise, you effectively become an online publisher. The fact that one can connect with other fellow bloggers or industry influencers also helps. Building such a network can pay many dividends, while going viral brings you a ton of attention and opens plenty of new doors.  

It is good business

The almighty Google seems to love blogs: it crawls blog pages eagerly and lists them in the search. This is your chance to tap into an immense amount of traffic and attract wide audience. Once that happens, you have various methods to monetize your blogging efforts. Many people manage to bring home the bacon just by blogging. Ad revenue, for instance, is one of the greatest sources of passive income. As for entrepreneurs, they mostly aim to establish an expert reputation and empower their businesses.

You become a better person

No, seriously guys. Blogging drives you to grow personally. You start wondering about what it is that makes you unique, and how you can inspire others. To engage the audience and earn its trust, one has to solve problems, as well as teach, entertain and help out. Such a noble and heartwarming cause this is and potentially lucrative on top of it. Having someone thank you personally really makes your day, but at the very least, you are able to meet new people and hone your writing and communication skills.

It is a win-win

Whether you want to make the world a better place or engage in shameless self-promotion, blogging is a powerful tool in the arsenal. There are few things that bring as much satisfaction as successful post spreading across social media like wildfire. This activity can change you, your life, and people around you. So, do not hesitate to let your online persona fully shine. But, enough of me: it is your turn now. Go ahead and blog your way to online greatness. What do you stand to lose, except money, time and good rep, that is?

The 9 people you will find in every office

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There’s nowhere quite like the office, full of people you spend at least eight hours a day, five days a week with. Some you love, some not so much, but chances are, you will come across at least several of these in your career…

1) The Late One

And by the late one, we mean the person who is late every single day and annoyingly gets away with it. Their lateness is never brought up because nobody even notices anymore. It would be weird if they actually showed up on time!

2) The Loud One

The whole office knows everything about their life, from what they had for tea last night to their current relationship. You know more about their life than your own family members.

3) The Newbie

Even if they have been in the office for 6 months, until someone else comes along, they will stay as the newbie.

4) The Workaholic

They’re there when you get to work and are there when you leave and you are still receiving emails off them when you’re tucked up in bed. Everyone is convinced that they actually live in the office!

5) The Dark Horse

They never talk, like ever. When they do, one of the girls in sales falls off her chair in shock. But when they say something, it’s genius, they probably understand the company better than the actual boss.

6) The Control Freak

You never need to worry about the Christmas party or even need to be organised in general, they’ve got this! They probably have spreadsheets for every possible situation and you wouldn’t dare step on their toes.

7) The Ill One

Your colleagues know more about this person’s health than their own. They are at the doctors every week about something else and whenever they are ill, they make a point of telling every single person in the office.

8) The Party Animal

This person’s most common phrases are “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” and “YOLO”, they are out most nights and Monday morning is always spent hearing about their crazy weekend.

9) The Wise Owl

What would we do without them? They just seem to know everything and not once have you seen them Google something. If you need the answers for spelling, deadlines or even just the meaning of life, the wise owl is there for you.

The question is, where do you fall on the scale and how many of you think you’re one type of person, when you could be quite the opposite…Nonetheless, you’ll know at least one of the above, whether you like it or not.