Welcome to the home of men’s lifestyle! Over the years High Street Gent has developed and now includes Gent’s Body Confidence.

Depending on if you’re looking for fashion and style advice or some help with your body confidence, you’ll find a whole bundle of content to get stuck into.

Check out our latest articles below.

It’s all about sex

For the majority of men, sex is something we think about on a daily basis. And yet, how openly do we talk about the subject of sex itself? And what does it really mean to us as individuals?

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Investing in Men’s Sportswear: Embracing Style and Performance

Regarding men’s fashion, sportswear has been gaining significant popularity in recent years. The perfect mixture of comfort, functionality, and style has made sportswear a go-to choice for many men for athletic activities and everyday wear. As the demand for men’s sportswear continues to rise, investors have taken notice of this lucrative market. In particular, custom…

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Thriving in Your Golden Years: Essential Tips for Single Senior Men

It’s normal for us to experience a variety of difficulties as we get older, such as loneliness, diminished mobility, and the loss of loved ones. These difficulties could be made worse by the fact that a senior single man may have a tougher time finding support and companionship. There are, however, things you can do…

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5 Essential Business Tips for Entrepreneurs: Strategies for Success

It can be thrilling and lucrative to launch a business, but it can also be daunting and stressful. Entrepreneurs must take into account a variety of factors when operating their businesses. Founders have a lot on their plates, from marketing and customer service to money and budgeting. We’ll talk about some business advice for leaders…

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