Are you ‘Gymtimidated’? Steps to beat the fitness fear

Gymtimidation does not have one single definition – covering everything from severe anxiety to light embarrassment impacting your workouts. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. But the perception, particularly for many men, is that the gym should be your haven, the precipice of all thing’s masculinity and testosterone.

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Are men insecure about their sex life?

According to studies on sexual insecurities, men are more likely to worry about their penis size and their performance in the bedroom, than serious health concerns like heart health, or even incontinence. Aging can’t be stopped, and the risk of sexual performance issues will most likely increase. Another insecurity that can occur with men is that maybe it has been a long time since they’ve done the deed and they’re afraid of falling short of expectations. Let’s explore the root causes behind these insecurities and how to combat them.

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Does watching too much porn affect your brain?

The availability of pornography or explicit videos and images has never been more accessible. The volume of content available online is staggering, so it comes as no surprise that research by Ofcom, shows that half of the adult population in the UK watch porn online. 

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