Hey gents!

A platform for gentlemen aged 16+ discussing topics such as men’s lifestyle, body confidence and sex positivity.

A mixture of humour and bare honesty has allowed High Street Gent to develop into a blog that helps men feel ahead of the crowd, normal and somewhat enlightened with the content.

The platform was created by Dan Sinnott, and is the web home for High Street Gent and Gents Body Confidence.



3 responses to “Hey gents!”

  1. My favourite brand, Box Menswear, offer underwear that they pride themselves as letting the manhood “stay put”. It really works, too!
    No links other than as a satisfied customer.

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  2. Numerous benefits we’ve got to take advantage of sexy under garment… The very idea of gents dressed in sexy underwear were once far more dubious years back, having said that i think it’s pretty sure it has gain traction with men that are far confident with their maleness these days. There are still those out there who have reservations about sexy men’s underwear, but we’re here to tell you that it’s all easily dispelled once you learn all the great benefits of them. You won’t realize it until you slip on a pair, but just wearing something skimpy on your body as a man can make you feel sexy in the same way that women do. It’s the combination of the tight pulling fabric on the most sensitive parts, as well as how it looks like on your figure. Women and men love a man in sexy tight underwear, especially if it’s on their significant other. Man-thongs are all about enhancing what is already there. They can contour the buttocks, legs, and of course the bulge. Look at underwear from the likes of Andrew Christian, Addicted or Aussiebum. They all have special designs to help enhance your bulge, giving you the boost in confidence when walking down the street or turning heads at the gym. It will surely be a hit with any partner who is wishing for a little more spontaneity and a little more eye candy. Sexy under garments makes things a little easier when it comes to putting on a show for your partner. You don’t have to become a male stripper overnight just because you purchased some skimpy tights, but it should inspire you to shake your rump and tease your partner a bit more. You can do a slow reveal that leads up to the surprise underneath with your special pair of underwear. Even outside the bedroom, sexy underwear can be something you’ll want to wear often. Take, for example, getting sweaty at the gym. You don’t need to let your gym buddies in on your secret underwear, but you’ll probably want to, as they’ll probably need a pair themselves after realising how sweaty their pair of underwear becomes after a gym session. PUMP! for example has some great sexy underwear that is designed perfectly for the gym. Made using a combination of mesh and cotton, PUMP! underwear allows for great breathability and dexterity for those intense work outs. All underwear seems to always have the same reoccurring problem of having your package gradually move into an uncomfortable position. This means you must find an opportune time to readjust without getting unwanted stares or comments. Yeah, it’s a natural problem that basically all men encounter, but it would be nice to not have to do it so often. Sexy underwear is form-fitting, meaning you’re going to have less room for parts squeezing past their designated areas. It also means that you’ll have less instances of collision problems when jogging or moving in a quick jump. Take a look at Andrew Christian underwear. Their tagless underwear is designed for your package to fall nicely into a small comfortably pouch that helps to eliminate your sticking ( we all know how this feels, especially on a hot summer, humid day), squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing. Essentially, perfect for every man, for every situation. Your underwear doesn’t need to just be designated as sexy accessories, they can double as effective bathing suit bottoms. You can achieve a great tan in a jock strap. Depending on how skimpy you want to go, you can avoid a lot of tan lines. Your significant other definitely will understand the golden buns and upper thighs, that are normally pale for many males who don’t indulge in nude tanning.


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