Scrub away at the price – ManCave Grooming

“The role of a Mountaineer encompasses all aspects of the Huntsman, Pioneer and Explorer calling on a variety of natural resources to command his terrain.” (

I’ve never been one for ‘manscaping’ products, usually I grabbed whatever shampoo and shower gel that was on offer. This was, however, until I received some ManCave Grooming products as a present…

Bargain Alert!!

Before I tell you a little bit more about ManCave, take a look at 5 piece Gift Set which is currently only £19.99 at, saving yourself £23.28p!

Without going into too much details at risk of boring you, the ManCave range adds something different to your morning routine. I never used a ‘FaceScrub’ or a moisturizer before, but with ManCave’s caffeine free and whiskey scent products, I was sold!

I shower once or twice a day…and these products are long lasting. To say I was bought my first range in December 2014 and I’m only just restocking, proves that for the price of these items, the quality and quantity doesn’t reflect the price…it exceeds it!

In summary, the range is focused on replacing man-made chemicals with a precise amalgamation of natural ingredients where even distinctly possible – all while using the most sustainable sources of production…so there you go, it’s even suitable for the ‘eco-warriors’.

The Gift Set is a bargain not to be missed, if you bought each of the five items individually it would cost £43.27, so it’s practically half price!

The ManCave range can be bought on the high street (Boots, Sainsbury’s, Debenhams) or from their online store ManCave Men’s Grooming.

I found this deal by searching for ManCave’s #ownthebathroom and for more “supreme-performance men’s grooming products, keeping you naturally fresh” follow @ManCave on Twiter.

Above. My dwindling ManCave products, in need of a replenish.

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