How Haunted is your House?


Interactive Quiz Launched To Shed Light On Spooky Happenings

A haunted house site has been launched to coincide with Halloween, allowing users the opportunity to discover how haunted their own house is and find scary real-life stories tailored to their region. The site contains a quiz to help visitors identify any potentially paranormal activity in their own home, as well as a geographic drop-down list to generate a haunting Halloween story based near the visitor’s location.

People looking to find an extra-special spooky story this Halloween will be able to discover real life and death accounts in their own regions of the UK, as well as investigate just how likely it is that they are living in a haunted house themselves, thanks to the launch of a new online tool.

The interactive micro-site,, has been built by the team at London property specialist, Chestertons, as part of the company’s Halloween celebrations.


In order to investigate the paranormal potential of their own homes, visitors are invited to take a short quiz, consisting of twelve questions; including factors such as whether they hear noises that they can’t explain and if they have ever spotted odd reflections in windows or mirrors. The quiz reveals what each of the selected factors could mean, if they are indeed an indicator of something out of the norm, before providing an overall likelihood score of the house being haunted.

The interactive site also allows users to select a region of the UK to unveil a true account of one of the most haunted locations or buildings within that region. From millionaire’s manor houses that remain for sale to this day, to whole villages that come to life after dark.

The site is intended to be a fun, light-hearted tool designed to add a little more scare into Britain’s homes this Halloween.

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