Five Classic Signs That You’re A Certified Hipster

Five Classic Signs That You’re A Certified Hipster

The term “Hipster” has been around for decades, but in the past five years the term has seen a real resurgence. Independent coffee shops, microbreweries and vape bars are all popular haunts for this curious yet stylish breed, but for those looking in the mirror and wondering if they fall into the category, e-cig experts Shoreditch have compiled a handy checklist.

Hipster [“hip-ster”] (noun): A person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.

1.Facial Hair

Any facial hair that has gone beyond stubble falls firmly into hipster category, especially if it takes longer to style than actual hair and has its own products. Extra hipster points for use of moustache wax and beard combs.

2. Check Shirts

Hipster check shirt

A checked shirt vaguely reminiscent of a lumberjack in any colour is a wardrobe staple for every hipster male. These are frequently paired with painfully skinny jeans, abovementioned facial hair and “fashion” specs without a trace of irony.

3.Body modification

This includes both tattoos and piercings. Creative expression and a distaste for the mainstream go hand in hand. This is true for both male and females of the hipster variety. Full sleeves are preferable, ideally with at least one inking completed abroad.


Vaping in Shoreditch, London

The hipster community as embraced vaping as a less harmful alternative to traditional tobacco, and a true hipster is rarely seen without an intriguing-looking mod device and an impressive array of e-liquids for every occasion.

Ryan Shaw, founder of Shoreditch says, “Shoreditch is a famously popular haunt for anyone who enjoys exploring what life has to offer outside the mainstream, which is why we chose it as our brand name. Being a hipster isn’t just about what you look like, it’s about your lifestyle, and the convenience and personal element of our e-liquid subscription boxes fit this ethos to an organic matcha green T(ea)!”

5. Ale


Craft beer is the new wine and a trip to any Brewdog establishment will reveal that hipsters have been ahead of this trend for a while. They knew it was cool before it was cool. Obviously.

To purchase from Shoreditch and to find out more visit here.



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