10 Moustache Styles for Men You Should Try Once

Whether you want a moustache to go with your beard or want a mustache with a clean-shaven look, there is no doubt that people have a different love for mustaches. In today’s trend, facial hair has become popular again among stylish men from all over the world. According to your face shapes, those who want to get an updated and elegant look must try their hands on different moustache styles.

All you need is to search out a moustache style that can perfectly suit your face shape. However, growing a moustache requires the same amount of struggle and patience required in beard growth. But a moustache is relatively harder to maintain and groom as compared to a beard. If your mustache style is not close to perfect, you might have to start all over again. In this article, we will discuss ten moustache styles that every man must try at least once. But before that, we will consult how to grow a mustache?

How to grow a moustache?

To grow a great and thick moustache, you will need the same time and effort to develop a thick beard. When you start growing facial hair, you need to keep patience initially. A good mustache will take time to become thick and full. To promote fast growth, you can use specific beard care products such as beard oil to grow a mustache quickly. After around two months, when your mustache starts looking unkempt, start following a daily grooming routine.

To get longer and thicker mustache styles, use facial scissors for trimming. However, for light mustache styles, you can use a regular beard trimmer. Along with using beard grooming products for your mustache, ensure that you use beard cream to style your mustache. Now that you know how to grow a mustache let’s move on to some of the best mustache styles that you must try at least once. 

Ten best moustache styles that you must try:

1. Chevron mustache

The chevron style is popular by actor Tom Selleck; the kind usually depends on coarse hair that can take months to grow. The Selleck mustache is relatively neat and is among the simplest mustaches. However, before trying out the style, the only thing you need to consider is what type of facial hair you have. The chevron mustache style suits those with straighter hair and can be maintained by trimming long hair that starts to grow over the mouth. 

2. Walrus mustache

Though walrus mustache is not the one for the faint of heart, the style is undoubtedly a big statement. The walrus style relies on growing out facial hair for around five months. However, during this period, the hair will begin to grow and hang over the upper lip giving it the desired walrus mark. But it would be good if you remembered to shave the remaining facial hair to get a faithful recreation of this traditional trend. 

If you need to know information on how to grow a walrus mustache?

3. Pencil mustache

The pencil mustache becomes famous when the actors Clark Gable and Errol Flynn embody this style. The pencil mustache is easier to achieve as compared to the thicker Selleck style. You can grow a pencil mustache in just a month. However, the pencil mustache needs frequent grooming. It would help if you remembered to give more attention to groom the bottom part of the style. In short, the type is a neat and more vintage take on facial hair. 

4. Handlebar mustache

The handlebar mustache exhibits curved ends with a spiral toward the cheekbones. A fresher and younger way to go about the traditional way is to choose a modern haircut. Although the handlebar’s styling is simple, all you need is to take a small amount of mustache wax and use it with each end of your mustache outwards, which can create curve ends. 

5. Horseshoe mustache

The horseshoe mustache is different with its bold look that can be seen in Hulk Hogan and Aaron Rodgers. If you need this mustache, you will need to give it a few months to grow a thick mustache. However, the horseshoe style doesn’t suit everyone, so first, you will need to ensure that it fits you perfectly.

6. Cowboy mustache

The cowboy mustache has arrived a long time, and it can be defined as a messier and more extended version of the Selleck mustache. The mustache style need not be too neat but must be rugged and less groomed. You will need to tidy up the class with a pair of scissors so that it will not look unkempt. However, you will need to avoid its precise cuts of large portions to maintain its roughness.

7. Fu Manchu mustache

Fu Manchu mustache style is an unusual style that is something out of a comic book. The class is derived from Dr. Fu Manchu’s signature look; the type needs to be grown out of the mustache’s sides so that they can hang over the chin. You can pair the look with some longer hair on your chin so that you can get the exact traditional look.  

8. Dali mustache

The name Dali mustache is named after the famous Spanish painter Salvador Dali. The mustache style ends upright straight and can be styled by twirling using mustache wax throughout the larger portion of your hair. Earlier, a pomade was used by Dali because his mustache was the most severe part of his personality.

9. Scruffy mustache

The scruffy mustache is not very different and is generally accompanied by stubble. The shabby mustache is probably the easiest to grow, but you need to remember that the style can be changed for those with thick facial hair. You will need to trim your mustache and stubble evenly.

10. Dallas mustache

The Dallas mustache style is much similar to the chevron style; the only exception is their corners. In this style, the mustache is allowed to grow beyond the corners of the mouth. You only need to trim it regularly using a pair of scissors and comb it to get a perfect look.

Go grow!

Mustaches are as famous as beards; however, some men like to wear them with a great beard style while others want it to wear them alone. You need to select the one that can perfectly suit you according to your face shape with different mustache styles. Mentioned above are some of the mustache styles that are quite distinctive, and you must try it at least once, but again, you will require to choose the one that fits your face shape. 

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