Oi, Beardy! Should You Be Using Beard Oil?

Beard Oil is not only beneficial to your facial hair but most importantly to the skin underneath. Maintaining hydrated and smooth skin under a beard is just as important as keeping that facial hair shiny and under control. By keeping the skin healthy, that dreaded beard itch and ‘beardruff’ will be a thing of the past.

With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with Freshen Up With Guy’s (who’ve kindly sponsored this post with a selection of their own beard oils) to answer some common beard oil questions…

Should I Be Using Beard Oil? Bottles of beard oils in bathroom.

Is it necessary to use beard oil?

Yes…beardy! It’s likely you don’t need to apply beard oil every day. You can start by applying it every other day and adjust as needed. If you live in a particularly dry climate or have a longer beard, you may need to apply more often. If you notice your beard feels greasy, you can cut back how often you apply oil.

Try this Captivating Beard Oil – formulated to soften, condition, and nourish your beard. It has been scented using fragrance oil to give it a light, smooth and captivating scent whilst keeping your beard soft and nourished.

Can beard oil grow hair?

Beard oils that contain unrefined jojoba oil and pure argan oil promote beard growth by naturally moisturizing the skin underneath your beard. This removes unwanted dead skin cells and other impediments to fast facial hair growth.

…The stronger and more resilient your beard is, the faster it will appear to grow.

Does beard oil make a difference?

Beard oil, which can also be called beard balm, moisturizes two things: facial hair and the skin underneath it. Dry facial hair is brittle and hard to manage, so the product helps to soften and tame it. It also reduces tangling and split ends to make beard maintenance easier. Your beard will look fuller and less brittle.

Sounds like you? Try this Original Beard Oil.

Does beard oil cause spots?

Using too much beard oil and not washing your face properly can leave some residue behind. That can further mix with the debris and natural oils secreted by your skin and worsen your acne. In fact, there are some beard oil that contain ingredients like comedogenic that are known for clogging pores. Try to stick to ingredients you know work well with your skin type.

When should you apply beard oil?

Beard oil can be applied at any time of the day but is always best applied immediately after a hot shower when your skin is slightly damp. The pores will be open and able to absorb higher amounts of the oil.

I can 100% guarantee it’s the BEST smelling beard oil you’ll ever smell. Guaranteed!

How much beard oil should you use?

< 1” of beard growth2–3 dropsdaily
1”–3” of beard growth3–6 dropsdaily
3”-6” of beard growth6–8 drops1–2x per day
6”-9” of beard growth8-10 drops1–2x per day
9”–12” of beard growth10-12 drops1–2x per day
> 12” of beard growthAs many as you need1–2x per day

How can I make my beard smell better?

Simple! When applied to your beard, the oils work to add some much-needed nourishment to the hair — nourishment that it doesn’t really get on its own. … Plus, a beard that’s well moisturised with a scented beard oil looks healthy and smells great.

Try this Revitalising Beard Oil – scented using fragrance oil to give it an uplifting and revitalising scent whilst keeping your beard soft and nourished.

Need beard oil?

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