Self confidence tips for men post-lockdown

With lockdown coming to an end, it’s only natural to feel anxious about being able to socialise again and going back into the world. People might be thinking about their physical appearance and how that may have changed; how their wardrobe has not been updated much over the past year and generally worrying too much about what people are going to think about them. 

Alongside Darrell Freeman, the founder of plus-sized men’s clothing site, we’ve collated some top-tips on how you can go back to socialising and enjoying yourself post-lockdown without letting any lockdown-related insecurities or confidence issues get in the way:

Dress however you feel most comfortable

You might feel pressured by social media to up the ante when it comes to your appearance for you post-lockdown outfits, so it’s important to ensure that when you’re dressing up, you dress up in exactly what you feel comfortable in.

Don’t feel like you have to go all out

With a lot of plans with friends having the potential to revolve around food and drinks, don’t feel the pressure to order everything you’ve been missing on the menu of your favourite restaurant. It’s definitely possible to go out and enjoy yourself and also trying to keep to a healthier diet.

Ban technology from your celebrations

It can be so tempting to document everything on social media but banning technology from your plans can be a saving grace for your confidence. If you know you won’t have a camera pointed at you multiple times during the time with your friends, you’ll feel much more comfortable and a lot less exposed.  

Everyone is in the same boat

Lockdown has been difficult for everyone. It’s unlikely that anybody feels as confident in themselves as they did prior to the first lockdown last year, so try to remember this so you don’t feel as isolated in your struggles. Everyone is in the same boat, so opening up to a friend or family member about this, might be the best thing for you both as you can both get on a journey to get back your self-esteem.

Do what’s right for you!

A combination of comfort eating, gyms being closed, the cold weather and a lack of any normal routine has understandably led to many noticing a change in their bodies throughout this recent lockdown; and when you aren’t feeling your most body confidence, it can be tricky to muster up the motivation to go back to socialising, especially when those plans are going to revolve around going out for food and drinks, with the combination of better weather meaning you have no need to layer up.

Enjoy the ability to ease back into a lifestyle you’re comfortable with.

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