Nike, Yeezy and Gucci: These are the most popular designer trainers of all time

With approximately 981K people around the globe looking online for trainers, or sneakers for you non-British readers, every month (according to Google searches), it is safe to say they are a staple in everyone’s wardrobes. Dressed up or dressed down, they bring both versatility and comfort. With that in mind, the experts at OnBuy Costumes sought to find out which are the most popular designer trainers on Instagram!

The most Instagrammable designer trainers

Sneaker BrandNumber of Hashtags
Adidas Superstar4,200,000
Nike Air Force 11,900,000
Adidas Ultra Boost1,400,000
Nike Air Max 90971,000
Nike Air Max 97770,000
Balenciaga Triple S643,000
Adidas Yeezy Boost436,000
Balenciaga Speed196,000
Gucci Ace130,900
Nike x off-white107,000

The title for the most popular sneakers on Instagram is taken by the Adidas Superstar with 4,200,000 hashtags. With a reasonable price and a design that’s easy to wear, it’s no surprise these classic shoes come top.

In second place, are the Nike Air Force 1 with 1,900,000 hashtags. Followed in third by the Adidas Ultra Boost with 1,400,000 hashtags.

These are the most expensive Instagrammable trainers:

With 643,000 hashtags on Instagram and the title of the sixth most Instagrammable sneakers, the Balenciaga Triple S are also the most expensive shoes on the list, at approximately £700/pair.

The second most expensive shoes on the list are the Balenciaga Speed at approximately £600. The Balenciaga Speed sneakers are also the eighth most popular sneakers on Instagram with 196,000 hashtags.

Starting at approximately £500/pair, the Gucci Ace are the third most expensive sneakers on the list. The Gucci Ace are also the ninth most Instagrammable sneakers with 130,900 hashtags.


1) Taking multiple articles from top sites such as Esquire and Editorial List, OnBuy Costumes created a reputable seeding list of the most popular designer sneakers and extracted the 10 most commonly listed shoes from this seeding list.

2) OnBuy Costumes then analysed the number of hashtags for each designer sneaker which were then ranked in order.

3) Data was collected on 13th of May 2021 and is accurate as of then.

Do you Instagram your trainers? It maybe time to show them off!

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