Chaps, how do you remove your back hair when you’re single?

As us men get older, the hairs atop of our head thin out whilst patches of fuzz pop up in less desirable locations, such as the shoulders and back. If it’s any consolation, scientists say that back hair is a sign of high testosterone. Manliness aside, each guy has a different preference for how to groom the area (or to not groom it at all).

The problem with shaving your own back

The simple answer is that you aren’t. Unless you have serious potential for a career in the circus, you will not shave your own back; it can’t be done. Instead, you need a different approach.

Trust me, no one tells you as you enter your 30s that body hair is going to get thicker, darker, and more stubborn to remove – let alone a nightmare when you’re single! But that’s where Baldape Parlour come in.

Baldape have harnessed a the ‘Lather & loof’ technique for the best hair removal solution in the business. So, you can ‘own your jungle’ – as the gents at Baldape say.

If you’re on the fence—or maybe you’re new to the hair removal club— I’ve trialled their bestselling kit for removal and maintenance.

The Silverback Kit

The back & body hair removal solution, that boasts:

  • No need for razors, helpers or salon treatments
  • Avoid irritation and get smooth, healthy, long-lasting results
  • Natural & vegan friendly ingredients
  • Reusable & machine washable.

How it works

Charcoal Hair Removal Cream 

A vegan friendly formula is made with natural ingredients and clears hair in as little as 3 minutes whilst promoting healthy skin.

When it comes to lotions (think “Nads” or “Nair”), wait five minutes, and wipe back hair away. As long as you’re dealing with easy-to-reach areas (or have a Baldape’s ‘helping hand’ for those tough spots), the process is easy. But steer clear of creams if you have sensitive skin: Their chemicals can provoke harsh reactions, and unlike at the gym, you don’t want to feel the burn. Most hair will regrow within 2-5 days after application, so it might be worth investing in high-end, over-the-counter creams if you want longer-lasting effects.

A Helping Hand 

Gone of the days of having to awkwardly ask your housemate to shave your back! Poor lad. The ingenious designed helping hand from Baldape Parlour allows self-application of cream to the whole back area with an easily washable and replaceable velvet applicator and additional sponge for use in removing stubborn hair.

The cream is easy to lock into the applicator and squeeze onto the pad, to reach the bottom of my back, which is near impossible to reach otherwise.

A  Loofah 

A soft and exfoliating elastic tool with microfibres that easily reach all areas to wipe away hair after application of the cream and are gentle on the skin.

I jumped into the shower about 5 minutes after application and used the micro-fibre loofah to wipe away all the hair and gently exfoliate the back.

Use the additional sponge of the applicator to tackle those stubborn areas.

The end result and tips

  • Make sure to cover hair with sufficient cream
  • If you have thicker hair, apply more cream 
  • When drying, use the same motion with the towel for further hair removal
  • If you miss any hairs or less hair has been removed than expected, do not panic! These will fall off naturally over the course of the day

The Silverback Kit has a 5 star review and available for £24.99.

On average, customers tend to need a re-up on cream every 6 weeks to stay consistently smooth – and you can purchase the cream separately.

Take a look here and shop now.

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