Eco-friendly deodorant and the sweet smell of sustainability!

Do you ever think about how many deodorant packs or cans you throw away each year? Well, Proverb spend a huge amount of time debating and researching packaging options for our natural deodorant and came to the conclusion that no packing is the best packaging.

So many of the eco alternatives that claim to be recycled, have no answer for how they are actually disposed. Can they actually be recycled in both the UK and US? As both have very different laws and regulations regarding the disposing of packaging.  

Do they have linings which take them to a grade 7, meaning that despite looking like a paper tube – you still can’t recycle it with ease. In our opinion, refillable has got to be the way ahead in beauty and cosmetics.

In the UK 79% of people have bought deodorant as part of their weekly shopping. That’s around fifty million people, and, when you think about how many deodorants are packaged in plastic aerosols, it isn’t hard to imagine the damage it could cause.

Then there is the problem with differing forms on deodorant from roll-ons to aerosols. Roll-on deodorant is often packaged in plastic because they are usually made up of a thicker outer layer and thinner inner layer, subsequently, harder to recycle. 

Plastic can take up to 450 years to biodegrade, and with millions of people using roll-ons every day, the amount of plastic ending up in landfill is staggering. Each year eight million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean alone.

Similarly, the UK uses around 600 million aerosols each year, which is equivalent to about 10 cans per-person-per-year. In order for an aerosol to be recycled, it must be completely empty, dry and clean – when in reality, this is hard to achieve.

Not to mention, the compressed gasses that are used in aerosols create a harmful impact on CO2 emissions. What if instead of switching to a smaller compressed aerosol, you canned the can altogether? Surely that is worth going natural for?


Proverb’s natural aluminium-free deodorant has finally launched, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with everyone! We started crowdfunding back in 2018 to produce a deodorant that is natural and eco-friendly and today you can purchase yours from their site.

The deodorant comes in two fragrances; Wild Mint and Eucalyptus and Coconut and Tonka. Both use only natural ingredients, eliminating the risk of harmful chemicals as well as being plant powered for a vegan formula to keep you feeling fresh.

The easy to glide on deodorant eradicates body odour and is free from aluminums, petroleum, parabens, SLS artificial fragrance and propylene glycol. All of which feature in your supermarket and drugstore-bought antiperspirant.

So, what happens when you switch over from your trusty antiperspirant to a natural deodorant? Your body can go  through an ‘armpit detox’. This is where your body gets rid of the toxins built up in the skin plus your sweat glands have to adapt to not being blocked by ingredients like aluminium. You can feel like you sweat more and not smell so great.

It’s important to remember that this is not the rule for everyone. But if it does happen to you, it can take anywhere between 14-30 days for your body to regulate itself.

Make sure to drink lots of water and wash your armpits every day and apply your deodorant more frequently. Be patient, don’t give up on the process. Your body is insanely clever and will find a natural balance.

The Proverb Natural Refillable Deodorant is unlike any other, for starters its refillable. As a brand we are trying to eradicate plastic waste from deodorants, as well as reduce CO2 levels. Which is why if you sign up to our subscription service, we will send you a refill with the scent of your choice every 2 months. Saving you time and money, it’s a win win. 

But while the you can do your part for the eco system and look after your own health in the process, why would you not at least, try switching over to a natural and organic deodorant?

Proverb Natural Refillable Deodorant is a stick deodorant that glides on easily, keeps you smelling fresh and dry all day long. Easy to refill, and efficient to use every day. If you didn’t think it was possible to actually love a deodorant… wait till you have tried this.


👉🏼 Choose your case colour – they’ve all been designed to look good and last so all you have to do is select your favourite colour.

👉🏼 Choose your strength – active, core or sensitive. Our 3 levels of strength and skin sensitivity including baking soda free options.

👉🏼 Choose your fragrance – formulated with natural ingredients only, nothing harmful. Aluminium-free, vegan friendly deodorant, hand-made in England.

👉🏼 Smell amazing all day long – while you help reduce landfill and ocean-bound waste with our compostable paper wrapped refills.


The deodorant refills are the LARGEST REFILLS on the market as they are built to be sustainable so you consume less while avoiding aluminium and parabens in your armpits.

Conveniently delivered to your door on a FLEXI SUBSCRIPTION – you can control the timings, skip or cancel shipments. Remember 2-3 swipes per armpit is easily enough. With genuine natural and organic products, less is more and you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Whilst this product was [gifted] to me, it’s now a part of my daily routine, smells and lasts even when I’m training at the gym – I reckon that’s the mint and eucalyptus scent.

Head over and check out Proverb now.

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