The Most Luxurious And Spectacular Casino Hotel Resorts To Visit In The World

There’s a holiday for everything — sports, sun, lads. The best, though, are gambling holidays, as they give players the chance to play traditional games in spectacular settings. Casino hotel resorts have the games, but they also offer stunning architecture and world-renowned facilities, making a trip to them as much about poker as experiencing luxury and opulence.

Gambling holidays were once the norm, but the way people view casinos has changed over the years. Gambling is more accessible now, as casino operators have moved online and have done so successfully by offering incentivising promotions to attract users. For example, there are free spins no deposit deals on platforms like Paddy Power for various games, such as jackpot slots. What this means is, individuals can get 100 free spins to use on a collection of games (players are required to be age verified) like Lion’s Hoard and Vault Cracker, which are among the many games not accessible at land-based casinos. These promotions and variety in games have helped increase iGaming’s market value to a forecasted $127.3 billion by 2027 and further proved online casinos are as attractive today as conventional establishments. That said, gambling holidays remain a favourite. Despite the benefits of online gambling, people recognise that traditional casinos have what online platforms lack: a physical environment.

For the love of luxury

Online casinos, despite offering incentives, can’t compare to the luxurious experience one gets at the Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore. The resort opened in 2010 and was billed as the most expensive standalone casino property in the world (USD 6.88 billion.) The three towers front Marina Bay and offer a rooftop infinity pool and award-winning dining. The atrium casino features 1,600 slot machines and 500 gaming tables. It’s worth noting that, like any event you’re attending (i.e. the office Christmas party), there are do’s and don’t of what to wear when gambling at the Marina Bay casino. We recommend dress pants and suit jackets, as the casino requires smart attire.

For the love of history

While it’s not a resort, the Chamonix Casino in France is a must-visit for history buffs. Backdropped by the French Alps, the Chamonix casino is housed in a former Royal Hotel that reportedly hosted Napoleon III. The casino is small, but its illustrious history makes it worth visiting, and if not, the view of the Alps suffices. Nearby is the 4-star hotel Hôtel Mercure Chamonix Centre, which sits on the doorstep of the Mont Blanc and Aiguille du Midi mountains.

For The Love Of Architecture

Nothing beats walking into a casino with awe-inspiring architecture, and a great example is The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden casino in Germany. Considered an architectural masterpiece, the grand spa resort and casino was built between 1821 and 1824 and designed by architect Friedrich Weinbrenner. The Corinthian-columned resort offers classic gaming like roulette, poker and blackjack in large extravagant halls designed after French palaces. That makes The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden the perfect place to get a royal flush.

Online gambling may be the norm in 2021, but gambling holidays are here to stay. There are casino hotel resorts worldwide with fantastic history and architecture that also provide endless luxury. All it takes is a little research to find them.

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