Fellas, are you ashamed of using sex toys?

Shame, judgement and feeling emasculated are the top reasons heterosexual men can’t admit to using sex toys

  • Research from sex toy brand www.ricky.com has found that as many as 72% of heterosexual men over the age of 18 don’t feel comfortable admitting to their friends that they use sex toys
  • The most common reason why was down to feeling as though they would be judged by their friends (68%)
  • On the contrary, almost all men who don’t identify as heterosexual and use sex toys have no problem admitting so (94%)

In a recent study conducted by sex toy brand www.ricky.com, it was found that as many as 72% of heterosexual men based in the UK don’t feel comfortable admitting that they use sex toys. This was found after the brand surveyed more than 2,200 men over the age of 18 (50% identifying as heterosexual and 50% identifying as ‘other’) about their opinions and habits surrounding sex toys and their use.

It was initially found that 42% of heterosexual men surveyed use sex toys alone, while more than two thirds (88%) have used them in a relationship. Three fifths of those using them in relationships (62%) stated that the use of sex toys was instigated by their partner.

Almost three quarters of those who said they use sex toys, whether alone or in a relationship, said that they were ashamed to admit it to their friends and/or partner (72%).

When asked about why they feel as though they can’t be open about their use of sex toys, the following came back as the most common answers:

  • Feeling as though they’d be judged by their friends/partner – 68%
  • Feeling less masculine and dominant – 56%
  • Feeling ashamed – 42%
  • Feeling as though it will make them less attractive – 39%
  • Feeling as though people will think their sexual orientation is different to what it is – 25%

When looking at responses for those surveyed that didn’t identify as heterosexual, it was found that 82% do use sex toys, and of those almost all (94%) said that they had no issue admitting that they use sex toys, whether alone or in their relationships.

Tom Thurlow, CEO of www.ricky.com, commented: “The shame felt by men over using sex toys is something that really needs to be addressed. Sexual satisfaction from toys isn’t something that should be limited to women, and men shouldn’t feel as though they will be judged or deemed not masculine just for using different methods when masturbating. It’s interesting, however, to see what those who don’t identify as heterosexual don’t feel shame for admitting to using sex toys. It shows just how toxic masculinity can be within our society and that the LGBTQ+ society is much more accepting of each other and their sexual preferences.”

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