“Lead Not Follow” Weekly Takeover #2


Fashion seems to many men like something that is constraining, “inside the box” and uncomfortable and, we have to say, that’s in a certain way right! The reason this is only partially right is because a lot of men treat it as such. But this doesn’t mean that it has to be. And this where the difference between fashion and style lies. While fashion might be something that is strict and full of rules, style is each individual’s take on his appearance. Fashion should be a tool used to create style.

Finding your style might not be easy, and even though most men have a rather good picture of what they wish to look like, they somehow can’t seem to pull off the look they want. Mostly, this is not because they don’t have a clear picture of what they aspire to, but because there are details that seem to lack importance; but which in fact are probably more important than all the work you might put into creating a wardrobe.

This is why we decided to make a list of 5 quick tips which can be applied to any style, any taste and any budget. If you follow these simple aesthetics insights, your appearance will improve considerably and your outlook on “fashion” and “style” won’t be the same.

To discover these 5 tips, head over to leadnotfollow.co.uk where we’ve taken over the “Inspire Me” section…

Keep your eyes well and truly peeled every Sunday from 8pm over at Lead Not Follow for cheeky updates to keep you all look fly.


One response to ““Lead Not Follow” Weekly Takeover #2”

  1. Instead of worrying about fashion, what to wear – or not to wear… There’s an even easier way than following the link above for some tips ‘n’ tricks in the clothes world…

    Stop worrying about how you look today and tomorrow – and for the rest of your life if you’re lucky… No, wait… Not IF. WHEN you get lucky. And you will be. Lucky. When you decide to live your life as we naturist and nudist do, #ClothesFree! Promise! Trust me, as a 24-7 naked naturist, I know.

    There are no naturist och nudist in the entire world, no one, that ever regretted their choice to skip wearing clothes. What we do regret is living in a non clothes-free world that constantly tells us to wear clothes, even though we know everyone would feel so much better – so much better – without clothes!

    Happy Nude Year!


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