Hot Seat Sessions: Mancave London


Here’s to the leaders, the go getters, the lone wolves. Here’s to those that don’t follow the crowd, the ones that carve their own path, the adventurers. Here’s to the gentlemen, shaped by those that came before them but moulded by the modern day.

Mancave London was built for the contemporary gent. Bearded or clean shaven, city slicker or man of the country, Mancave London is for those that admire sartorial style, supporting the eager designers of tomorrow, and dressing to impress. Mancave London continuously collate the very best products from all corners of the globe, bringing the modern day gentleman unique, beautifully crafted products and menswear suitable for both work, and play.

“Always aim to be better than your average gent. That is what they strive for at Mancave London. Whether it’s how your dress, how you act or what you strive to achieve; always aim to be better than you were the day before. It’s not a competition, although a little bit of friendly rivalry can always help to make one improve; but seriously, it doesn’t take that much time to put some goals in place and aim for them. To start any guy off in the running, Mancave often collate collections of items that they stock (or home) that will have you on the right track to becoming a better gentleman. Some of these you may already have, in which case hats off to you, but for those who want a little bit of self loving, there’s only only place to head over to for handy tips of the next best things you should know about in the land of the dapper.”


There are many brands all handpicked and chosen by Mancave London to intertwine perfectly to create it’s identity, we had the chance to ask Gemma Fraser, Founder & Creator Director, how Mancave go about choosing which brands they house. Gemma said:

Many of the brands we home are small startup brands, which we are passionate about supporting. For example, Stuart & Lau are a new brand only just in their second season, based between Hong Kong & NY. We discovered them on Instagram (believe it or not where we have discovered a lot of our brands) and built up a relationship from there. A lot of the brands we house are exclusive to the UK through Mancave London which is something we are really proud of.

“If you go to the Brand Features Page under the journal on the website (click here) we have featured pages on every single brand we house which tells you a bit more about who the brand are and why we love them. We house many brands from all corners of the globe. Hunter Lab skincare from Australia, Sully Wong from Hong Kong, Mule ties from Canada, Alfredo Gonzales from Spain, Sandqvist, Daniel Wellington & Monokel eyewear from Sweden, Calepino from France, LSTN from California, Musgo Real from Portugal, Il Bussetto from Italy and a wide range of home grown British Brands including London Sock Co, Charlie Borrow, Scott Fraser, Alysia Thomas, Emily Carter, Sock & Trotter, Men’s Society, Brydon Brothers, Maxwell Scott, Turefitt & Hill, Electrical Shop & London Beard Co.

“Our initial aim was to collate the best new brand talent from all over the world and put them in one accessible place for our gentleman to shop from and that list is growing all the time. We travel to trade shows across Europe to source the best new product and are constantly on the lookout through social media whether we are contacted by brands or vice versa.

One Stop Shop


Mancave London truly is a one-stop shop for all your needs. Whether you’re considering day-to-day wear, a suit or formal occasion, accessories, a bag, the ideas and the finishing touches are all there. The added bonus is that it has a community feel about it. All the brands seem to work together to create this shared passion, a group outlook on masculinity. There are lifestyle tips, activity suggestions, household decor tips, fixtures and fittings suggestions. If you think about it, it’s subtly guiding you through manhood and making those hints about life all from one place.

You may think you’re the average gent, like us, but a stop by at Mancave London, and you’ll soon realise you’ve got an inquisitive eye when it comes to style in every aspect.

It’s about enhancing your life chaps, it’s more than an online store, it’s a way of life. The ethos of it being a platform for the ‘contemporary gent’ really shines through everything there is to offer. It doesn’t pigeon hole you, it varies in what it offers style wise, definitely makes you consider other styles and most importantly, it isn’t intimidating!

Some of our favourite pieces over at Mancave are the Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford watch, the SANDQVIST Lars-Göran Backpack, the Hunter Lab Hand-wash and the electrical shop Copper Diamond Cage Light-B/W.

To gain the experience and aspire to be a gentleman head over to Mancave London and have a look a around. We guarantee you’ll be there for quite some time! Enjoy chaps.

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  1. Stumbled on this and passing on to my boyfriend. Great write up. 🙅🏼🙅🏼


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