A guest blog by Peter Minkoff.

The state of current economy is making the whole looking-for-a-job-thing even more stressful than it already is; the fact we can be the best among the best and still either not be considered at all or just get on board with the company part time is incredibly nerve-wracking and foul. Still, we all want that job and we’ll do anything to get it, right?

Given there are so many great candidates out there fighting for the position you know belongs to you, you need to nail that job interview better than anyone else!

We are giving you a few great tips that will definitely stir you in the right direction.

First impressions are everything

When you show up at an interview, the first impression you air will stuck with your potential employee; this is why you need to give your best to look your best!

You probably know by now what classifies as corporate fashion and what doesn’t, so we’ll spare you the advice like “don’t wear your shirt unbuttoned, come drunk, have your beard un-groomed and wear too much perfume” – you’ve already mastered it. Instead, let’s focus on what you should do:

  • Make sure you are showered and well groomed
  • Wear a custom tailored suit that fits your size and shape
  • Carry a briefcase or any bag that fits your wallet, notebook, tablet, phone, handkerchief, pack of gums, and other essentials you need. Carrying it all around in your pockets or hands is probably cool enough for street, not the office
  • Have your shoes cleaned

Channel your inner professional Prince Charming


While being professional is the first thing to be when we are talking about getting a job, being charming is that one thing you have to pull off right in order to get your employer’s attention. Whoever’s hiring, they are absolutely looking for a skilled person for the job they are offering, but they are also looking for someone whose energy is positive and upbeat, and someone who is pleasant to be around during long office hours.

The important thing to remember, though – there’s a thin line between being charming and flirting, so watch your step! You don’t want to a) be dismissed immediately for being inappropriate; and, b) be sued for harassment.

If you get this right, you won’t be riding off into the sunset on your white horse, but you may as well be driving to work and back home (because finally you’ll be able to afford a car!).

Play the optimistic card

Some of the trickiest and most absurd questions in an interview you can get are “why do you want this job”, “what makes you the person for this job” or “where do you see yourself in five years”. While the logical answer to these questions is “I need this job because I need money to live and I have no idea what’s going to happen in five years”, you have to be a bit sneaky about it.

Instead of being brutally honest, be smart – tell your future employee that you are the person to hire because you are resourceful, patient, smart and learn fast. Explain that you are open for criticism and that you see it as a constructive input rather than mean critique. Emphasize your desire for professional growth and highlight the fact you’ve got no problems with authority, team work or working on your own. Also, tell them you work amazingly under pressure.

Get it?

Offer ideas, surprise everyone


Most candidates that do interviews come with a polished CV and expect it to be enough. Wrong! While your CV does need to be polished and updated, that’s not quite satisfactory; prior to going to the interview, do a little background search on the company and see where they are at currently with their projects and prospects. If you feel there’s something you could knowledgeably comment on, or an idea you could offer to make the company prosper – then do so. Your future employee will be amazed with the initiative and engagement.

Good luck, we hope you’ll nail this one!


  1. I agree. I think when I have impressed the most is when I understood most what the company wanted. Sometimes that’s difficult but it’s true. You have to know where the company is going so you can say why you would be a good fit for it.

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