The Excuse Generator for England Fans

Three young adult men friends watching football: Missed goal disappointment

Euro 2016 is upon us. As a guy from Leicester, the city is buzzing at the moment and everyone is STILL celebrating the unprecedented win of the foxes…but will the mood come crashing down? Will England succeed? Who knows…

I think we’ve all learnt to have a realistic amount of hope and an unholy amount of pride when it comes to disappointment, but when it comes to placing your bets, or entering the office sweepstake, there’s something new that will take the edge off losing….The England Excuse Generator!

A betting site has launched an online tool which offers football fans excuses for England losing matches, missing goals and generally disappointing fans during the Euro 2016 tournament.  

An England Excuse Generator has been launched to coincide with the kick-off of Euro 2016. The site was developed by betting site,, in order to console football fans with some tongue-in-cheek humour in the face of defeat.

The tool offers fans the opportunity to generate a completely random excuse for England’s losses, misses and general disappointments, with examples ranging from the players’ boots being too small and the balls being too bouncy; through to more ethereal influences such as gypsy curses and Murphy’s Law.

Although they may sounds rather farfetched, many of the excuses are credited to industry characters who have actually used them before when discussing previous disappointments; including Sir Alex Ferguson, Fabio Capello and Alan Hansen, among others.

The England Excuse Generator can be found via

Ashley Faull, founder of, commented:

“Of course we don’t want to be in a position to have to come up with excuses to defend our team, but it’s pretty likely that we will have to at some point or another. Seeing as there’s always so much discussion around football fans and pundits, as well as managers and players, coming up with pretty creative excuses; we thought we would jump on board and help the fans out when they need a little consolation! It’s been a good laugh pulling all the excuses together and discovering what reasons have been given for various disasters and disappointments before, and we’re intrigued to see what new ones come out during this tournament.”

With all the above in mind, good luck England and fellas…keep your footy shirts on in town, non of us want to see that.

This is based on an original article written by 10 Yetis Digital and kicked into action by us.

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