Why you should wear the same thing every day

Same Clothes

Ever wondered what successful people wear to work every day? Chances are, probably nothing too exciting. More and more people are choosing to follow in the footsteps of their icons and wear the same thing to work every day. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, one of the youngest billionaires in the world, keeps it simple and heads to work in a grey t-shirt every day, while Steve Jobs also had a set outfit. But why do him and so many others do it? Here are six reasons why.

1. No wasted energy
Large wardrobes require a fair amount of effort. You may spend hours a week putting washing in, ironing and arranging your wardrobe as well as actually spending a few minutes deciding what you’re going to wear each morning.

2. Fewer decisions
If you’re making a range of important decisions every single day, by just taking one away, you will find that you have more mental space and will feel much less stressed in the morning because you’re not running around your bedroom throwing clothes around! One fewer decision every morning will give you more time to think about things that really matter.

3. Much more put together
Ever walked out the house and actually questioned what on earth you’re wearing? If you’re in a rush every morning, you probably aren’t going to think about what goes with what and if you’re actually going to look good in it. By ditching a massive work wardrobe for a capsule one, you will have items that you know look good on you and you won’t have the panic each morning.

4. Fewer questions
‘Is this professional enough?’, ‘What if it rains?!’, ‘Can I afford to be a slob today?’ – imagine not having to ask these questions every morning. I bet you already feel much more relaxed, right? If you have a set outfit for each work day, you won’t need to ask these questions every day and you can have an outfit perfect for any work occasion. Just don’t forget your umbrella!

5. It’s iconic
If you have a goal to become a real success story and imagine yourself on the front cover of GQ or Harper’s Bazaar, you ought to start dressing like an icon now! Think of a true icon, they have a set outfit that they are known to wear. Just like Anna Wintour’s fringe, have a set style that you stick to each day.

6. Personal branding
If you wear the same thing every day, people are more likely to remember you as they know how to expect you every day. For the sake of your own personal brand, it’s worth sticking to the same outfit for work rather than being creative and wearing something different every day. You may think that it reflects your personality, but you’re better off being someone that people will remember.

We stumbled across this article and knew we had to share it with you as a quirky little piece by Bethan Tolley at thebusinessdesk.com – West Midlands. Full credit for the piece lies there. Follow the link to take a look.

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