Housewarming Gifts for Stylish Men

Your closest friend has just moved into a gorgeous flat and you’ve been invited to his housewarming party over the weekend. This sounds like a fairly straightforward event that requires little to no brainpower for preparation, right? Take a closer look, gents. If your friend is a stylish bloke, he’s not the kind to impress easily with a bottle of gin. 

That’s not to say that gin won’t cut it for some, but when you want to pick out a gift that is both stylish and purposeful, then it’s worth considering alternatives. To help you shorten the shopping process and get there in time, here are a few gift suggestions to wow even the pickiest men out there.

Low-maintenance plants

A home will feel much more like a home when you bring some nature indoors. Whether your pal has purchased a flat or an entire house with a backyard, some greenery can make all the difference in setting the mood of his place.

Go for low-maintenance plants that aren’t toxic to pets if he has any, and he’ll own a lifelong present (provided he cares for the plants properly) that purifies his indoor air and adds to the style of his pad. 

A grooming kit

A stylish man will always appreciate something to contribute to his grooming collection. If you’ve known each other for long enough, you’ll know how to choose a grooming kit that matches his standards. It’s a thoughtful, functional gift that combines pure value with that hint of pampering. 

Keep in mind that it’s better to choose a kit that has fewer items inside, but that are carefully matched to his skin type and skincare needs. If he has a beard or he likes to care for his hair, too, all the more reason to go with top-quality items. 

A bedroom set

Bedding can turn a boring, ordinary bedroom into a truly zen space for his mancave. Maybe he lives alone, but wants a beautifully organized bedroom, maybe he has a long-term partner. Either way, the kind of bedding he owns will contribute to his sense of style.

Check out various bedding options such as the Wake in Cloud collections that offer breathable, cotton bedding sets with various designs. Simplistic stripes can always be a good addition to his existing bedding, or something more characterful with livelier patterns will help him bring the bedroom space to life. 

A living room throw

Blankets, throws, and throw pillows might sound redundant to you if you’re not a huge fan of all these design additions, but to a man with a refined taste, these are all must-haves for elevating the atmosphere in his home.

Look for living room throws that match the décor of his home, but also be versatile enough to be moved around and used for various purposes. Neutral, warm hues are perfect for throws for any season, and they usually match most décor themes. 

A coffee maker

Who doesn’t love coffee? For some men, it’s all about simplicity and flavour, while for others, it might be about diversity. Knowing what kind of coffee your friend loves will help you in choosing the ideal coffee maker that comes with all the right features. 

Maybe he’d appreciate a cappuccino maker, or perhaps he’s more of an espresso guy. There are also coffee presses such as the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker that deliver ample aroma with each cup, so you can do some research before you invest. 

A speaker 

Maybe he has a home theatre he likes to use to get his friends over for a movie marathon, or he’s the kind of bloke to take his phone to the bathroom and shower with the music on. A portable speaker or even a soundbar can be a brilliant pick for his new home, as a functional, yet minimalist choice that will not clash with his home’s look and feel.

As long as he can connect all his devices easily, you have nothing to worry about, so it might be good to check for a model that fits. 

Maybe not all of these ideas will resonate with your friend, but you’ll definitely find a few suggestions worth considering. Make sure to keep his style preferences in mind, as well as the décor of his new home, and you’ll be on the right track to find the spot-on gift for him. 

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