BJJ Combat the Best Cardio – How BJJ can become a game-changer

BJJ is known to be one of the most popular styles of combat. The best thing about this combat style is the fact that it doesn’t discriminate between gender, sexes, and fragility. It favours the lean and fragile as compared to someone who is bulky and heavy. Where most people opt for BJJ just because of self-defence, we cannot deny it is more than a simple combat game. BJJ has proved to be the best exercise that is not only functional but also helps with weight loss and getting rid of body fat. Overall, with the help of BJJ, you are not only adjusting to a healthy lifestyle you are also pushing your body to do better.

As an exercise, most people add BJJ as a simple exercise that is all about defence and nothing about the overall body. However, studies show that practicing BJJ is specifically better for people who find it hard to balance their bodies. Apart from this, it helps with strength and endurance as well. This is exactly where cardio comes in. Cardio is known to be a good exercise for the strength of the heart. People who are at high risk of cardiovascular issues or have a family history of cardiovascular issues need to start their BJJ training as well. Although most people will tell you that BJJ and cardio are two different things, however, you will be able to get the same thing out of BJJ if you set a goal for yourself.

While working on BJJ, you will not only become better at exercising there are so many other benefits that you will be able to avail as well.

With the help of this article, you will be able to see how BJJ can work as cardio and how you can make the most out of your basic BJJ practice. Another important thing that we will discuss will be some of the best cardio exercises that you can incorporate into your BJJ-based workout plan.

Why Are We Relating Cardio With BJJ?

As we mentioned earlier, people like to spate cardio from simple BJJ. The main issue is that when we think of cardio, we generally think about cycling, swimming, jogging, or Zumba. However, when we think about BJJ we keep thinking about combat exercises like boxing or wrestling. However, BJJ is a contemporary form of traditional Japanese-style jiu-jitsu. The form has truly evolved and it has a better technique that can be used for exercise as well. One thing that combines both cardio and BJJ is the fact that both help you increase your heartbeat and keep you moving which eventually helps in strengthening your heart. Some of the basic benefits that you can get from cardio as well as BJJ includes:

  • Both cardio and BJJ are good for weight loss
  • BJJ as cardio help with strength and endurance building
  • BJJ as cardio are functional and they help with daily functions
  • BJJ as cardio help with balance as well as ease of movement
  • BJJ as cardio is ideal for People who feel difficulty in movement or stiffness
  • BJJ as cardio stimulate the healing process which helps in not only healing injuries but also helps in healing skin cells, organs and maintaining a good health
  • BJJ as Cardio helps with boosting immunity
  • BJJ as cardio has an anti-gaining effect that works well for older men and women.

How Regular Training Improves Cardio?

When we think about the technique of BJJ it is all about muscle memory and the way you use your body. With repetition, you will be able to incorporate the simple cardio in BJJ as well. When you work regularly, your body will work without thinking, on the contrary, if you don’t train your body, you will see that even the slightest movement will be uncomfortable. With regular BJJ training, your body will adjust to it. If you are performing BJJ regularly, this can replace your cardio and if you want to adjust your workout training you can go for 5 days of training per week. This will give your body enough time to heal, however, with a two days break, keep your body moving with cardio so it doesn’t lose muscle memory. The time you spend on mats will equate with cardio as well as help you with winning every competition.

How Does BJJ Become A Game-Changer? 

Where most people limit the scope of BJJ as a self-defense game, most people now know that it is definitely more than a simple combat game. Apart from this, BJJ is an excellent replacement for exercise as well. From a child in his teenage years to senior citizens who are struggling with arthritis and other diseases, BJJ provides a healthy life opportunity for everyone. To help you know how BJJ can become a life-changing opportunity for all, we have listed down some of the main reasons people from all age groups should practice BJJ.

BJJ for Kids

When it comes to kids, we get very particular about the way they behave, their school grades, and their activities. For the longest time, people used to believe combat-based games would only make you violent. This also means that with violent games children will beat others up and they will also have behavioral issues. However, recent studies show that BJJ is helpful for kids in several ways. Some of the major benefits that will convince you to start BJJ practice with your kids involved:

  • BJJ helps with better blood circulation for the upper body which helps in improving memory. As a result, the child performs better in school.
  • BJJ favours small and lean stature which is the reason your child will be able to defend himself better.
  • BJJ makes the child more empathetic by teaching him the cost of pain
  • BJJ helps the child in becoming more helpful when it comes to saving other kids from bullying
  • BJJ helps with improving communication because it is more than just simple body cues
  • BJJ helps in keeping the child active throughout the day and he can find an easy way to let go of all the negative energy.

BJJ for Women

When it comes to women and young girls self-defence is one of the major issues. With major safety campaigns like #metoo, women are now becoming more aware of the importance of safety-based training. To help you know why BJJ can be a game-changer for young women, here are some of the major benefits:

  • BJJ favors the fragile, which means women can do it better
  • BJJ helps with improving blood flow to the upper body which helps with healing skin and growth of hair
  • BJJ helps endurance and strength which means that women can work for longer hours without getting tired
  • BJJ provides a good way to let out frustration and anger, which is very good for mental health
  • BJJ helps in reading the opponent which is necessary and very important for daily life
  • BJJ helps with creative thinking and decision making
  • BJJ is ideal for strategy making which is a skill that everyone uses throughout their daily routine.

BJJ for Senior Citizens

As we age, our bodies become fragile, bones become brittle and skin becomes wrinkled. Studies show that exercises have anti-aging effects however, this cannot be generalized because there are a few exercises that are just for targeting some basic muscles. However, when it comes to BJJ, studies show that BJJ works wonders for senior citizens. You will notice that your body is becoming stronger and you can do more work. Some of the main benefits that you as a senior citizen will be able to acquire from BJJ includes:

  • BJJ helps with osteoporosis and helps in increasing bone density.
  • BJJ has anti-gaining affects, it will help you with keeping your body active
  • BJJ works wonders for skin and hair because it helps with healing by increasing the blood flow to the upper body.
  • BJJ is excellent for keeping the body active throughout the day
  • BJJ is good for arthritis and other bone related issues because it doesn’t put pressure on the joints and still helps you to do better with the body.
  • BJJ helps you with healing and since older people have issues related to healing a wound, this becomes an ideal way of speeding up the healing process.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is safe to say that cardio can benefit you with BJJ practice. However, if you are finding it hard to adjust your BJJ practice with cardio you can easily rely on BJJ. BJJ will not only help you sweat more, but it will also help you lose weight and belly fat. Overall, BJJ performs the same function as any cardio-based exercise and still, you will be able to learn some defence. It is skill-based training that will help you with creativity as well as your daily tasks. BJJ helps with improving balance, endurance, and overall simple tasks like jogging, walking, or working long hours.

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