4 Steps To Improve Oral Health Care in Men

Gentlemen in this article you are going to find out how to best care for your teeth and improve your overall oral care. Regardless of the teeth situation that you have going on, we all can keep the ones we have healthier and cleaner. Here’s how:

Step number 1:  Floss your teeth prior to brushing

Flossing really matters, so it is in your best interest to add it on your daily tasks list. You have a variety of options, from traditional to fancy floss and I particularly recommend individual flossers packs. Basically, you just get a little bit of floss in there, put in your round floss, brush down hard so you don’t have to worry about your fingers and it’s also a lot easier to get in and out of your mouth. When you’re flossing it might be a little blood situation. It is usually no big deal, however if there is a lot of blood and this happens often, go and see a dentist.

Step number 2: Brush your teeth 

So simple right? Not really. From manual to electric, there’s tons of options and you have to know what is best for your oral health gentlemen. So now, I’d actually like to go over some of the pros and cons to each. The manual brush can come with some features like a tongue scraper, super soft grip and even some fancy little bristles. However, it’s still a plain old manual brush that is generally a good inexpensive option if you actually know how to brush your teeth the right way. You would be surprised to know how many people don’t and I see it all the time in my dental practice. If you are one of them, invest some quality time to learn to do brush your teeth properly with manual brush and also give it time to do it properly each time. What I find to be a major downside to the manual brush is that it gets filthy. There was actually a study done by the University of Manchester that found that there were 10 million different strains of bacteria on a toothbrush including fecal matter. 

Next up, we have the electric toothbrush, generally in the price range anywhere from $39 to $59. They are quite powerful and effective with different speed options, however the downside of most of the electric toothbrushes is that they also do not solve the disgusting bacterial problem. What I recommend is to look for an option that has a little chamber where you store your toothbrush heads. You shut it and it’s actually sanitizing your toothbrush with UV light when you’re not using it. In some of the options out there you can also encounter the chamber with a built-in heater that dries the toothbrush because one of the reasons why bacteria actually has a tendency to build up is due to the wet and moist environment.

Step number 3: Leave the toothpaste on your teeth after brushing

If you’re using a fluoride toothpaste you want that fluoride to sit on your teeth so it can do its job preventing cavities. However, if you rinse it off right away because you swish with water and spit, you just rinsed away all the benefits. Therefore, try to remember to leave the toothpaste on your teeth after every brushing, 

Step number 4: Drink a lot of water

You don’t want any sugary carbs to be sitting on your teeth for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, make sure you drink a lot of water and swish it around in your mouth to help remove debris from your teeth. 

Gentlemen, I am convinced that these simple 4 oral health care steps will help you have fresher breath, cleaner teeth, healthier gums and a whiter smile so that you’re always ready to utilize your most powerful and effective communication tool – your smile.

Short author bio

Dr.Peter Wong affectionately known as Dr. Peter by his staff and patients has helped hundreds of patients achieve their dreams of the ultimate smile. He is happily married and has two wonderful children, Isabella and Christian. Dr. Peter enjoys blogging and spending as much time as possible with his family.

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