Why is looking after your gut important?

It’s no secret that our gut is our second brain. A heck of a lot goes on inside this part of the body and that impacts how we feel both physically and mentally. That’s why it’s so important to make sure we look after ourselves properly and maintain it!

Meditation for a Healthy Gut

We’ve all seen a rise of meditation therapies to help people have a calmer gut, especially those who suffer from digestive issues like IBS. Sons is a good example. The best way to figure out what your body is sensitive to is by keeping track and while it may sound tedious, the longer-term benefits are worth it.

Let’s look what you can do for a better gut!

Sup up those supplements!

At Sons they know that a healthy gut can transform your physical and mental wellbeing. Their clinically proven live bacteria supplements are delivered to your door each month with no contract.

Sons clinically proven live bacterial supplement treats digestive troubles and improves the general condition and health of the gut. Each monthly plan contains 30 capsules – one to be taken orally every day.

Who’s it for?

Men wanting to improve their general gut health and/or treat abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and other IBS symptoms. If you’re experiencing discomfort, then this gut bacteria supplement was designed for you. Get £25 of your first order using code GUT25.

 Get those probiotics! 

It’s a phrase we keep hearing, but for good reason. Probiotics help keep our gut healthy, creating bacteria that aid the digestion of food and fend off bad bacteria. If you find you keep getting sick or feeling run down, it could very well be that you don’t have enough healthy bacteria in your gut!

There are several things you can eat to help this:

–       Probiotic supplements
–       Fermented foods
–       Raw milk
–       Varieties of cheese
–       Varieties of yogurt
–       Sourdough

Get a better night’s sleep!

Your gut and brain are in constant communication via our body clock. Notice how you get hungry and go to the loo at certain times of the day? Yep, hello body clock. Sleeping at the same time each night allows this rhythm to stay in tune – making a healthier gut and a happier mood.

In the same way we need to keep our brain hydrated, the same is true for our gut. There’s a lot of acid churning around and ensuring you have your 2 – 2.5 litres of water each day can help you remain hydrated and working as efficiently as possible.

Let your Gut rest!

If you allow your gut to take a break from food for 12 hours (i.e. after your final meal of the day) it begins to restore and heal itself – promoting the growth of healthy bacteria and wiping out the bad ones. Some bacteria such as Akkermansia Muciniphila really benefit from a good ol’ fast and help restore and strengthen the lining of your gut when they aren’t being utilised by the digestive process. Basically, eat dinner than quit the snacks – you’ll feel a hell of a lot better for it.

Uh oh… Alcohol and the Gut!

You may think I’m going to tell you drinking is bad… but it’s not. If it’s less but better. Studies have shown how a glass of red wine helps protect inflammation and disease, increasing the helpful bacteria too. The trick is to drink in moderation and not get utterly shizzled. Excess alcohol can lead to bad bacteria being born alongside constipation, diarrhoea, bloating and more, none of which are particularly sexy. As I say, drink less, but better and perhaps introduce a little no-low to your life – there’s a substantial amount of options these days.

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