How to get started with bodybuilding training

If you’re new or signed up for bodybuilding & want to improve your physique, how you look, bodybuilding guidelines and tips can help you to ease your way to get into bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is an effective approach of strengthening, toning & stabilizing the entire body, however it is easier to commit mistakes that cause injuries it will keep you away from the sport. Everything in your life has a starting point, for lifting & bodybuilding, it is the ground floor—there is no way you will not get on it in the middle of the way or already at the top.

Progress is the gradual thing, a lot of people go to the gyms for lifting heavy weights right in the beginning and end up tearing their muscle & setting back for a few months. You might be thinking how to start bodybuilding? Where exactly does this journey begin? Firstly you will have to determine what your goal is. Is it bulking up your body and ripping muscles or you want to get healthier or top up your looks.

Same as every other thing you start with bodybuilding with a basic plan, it involves analysing your body & comparing what you want to do to it. Then you drive a strategy for how and what will take you there.

Basic Concept

Most new bodybuilders, irrespective of their age, start this sport after getting inspired by the picture of a ripped bodybuilder in bodybuilding clothes. The first thing that hits their mind is they want to have the body as displayed in the image. Being like that or reaching that point isn’t impossible but your approach has to be realistic and healthy.

Everybody is different, they have certain lifestyles, different approaches & age- it’s a very big factor that affects your gains and body. Exact approach and timeline is almost impossible to put here, but mostly weight lifters are seen with the impressive strength & size gains in the starting month of their workout regimen. Getting narrowed down to actual gains, the healthiest approach is the natural one. Working Out your muscles and toning them in a certain shape. Then complimenting your workout with nutrients and supplements.

1) Step Up, Check Up

The first and foremost step for altering your physique is consulting a physician. If you face trouble remembering the last time you consulted your doctor for the complete physical & blood work-up, then it’s the right time. The reason behind this is its world address and makes you aware regarding all of the stuff that involves outstanding health issues. You might not know you have. Your physician will give you diet or training specific recommendations that will make you sound and better. But this isn’t the sole reason. Knowing where your health stands help  in boosting and applying your efforts in the right direction. Fitness isn’t just about looking good; it is more about the feel of being healthy & living well!

2) Take Out The Trash

The next step involves taking out the unnecessary habits/stuff that might be a hurdle in your way of achieving your goals. And this is applied to all areas of life: including diet, lifestyle, mental & social approach. Keep in mind that your “before” picture is not just the visual representation of your body, it is actually the time capsule that portrays all of the good, unhealthy, bad & secret stuff that plays a role in making up the life you are living in whatever way. Changing your body isn’t just changing how you look but getting rid of your past way of living, leaving your habits behind and stepping into a new world that will help you in reaching your goal. 

You can start with easy things. If the kitchen cabinets are stuffed with loaded cookies, snacks, candy & other junk, the first thing is cleaning it all up. Having this stuff at the back will increase your temptation & you will end up making poor nutrition choices. Keep in mind that working out is just one way of controlling your health and changing your body nutrition is the other. If you lack in any of the areas you won’t be able to get the desired benefits.  

Making yourself vulnerable to poor food choices, is one of the biggest setbacks that will step in your body building path. So starting with the concerted efforts of replacing the negative approach with the healthier one. Every time an unhealthy craving comes to your mind, try replacing it with positive affirmations regarding what you want to eat or what you want to do. 

It can be as little as choosing the healthy nutrition chicken salad in your lunch today or staying adequately hydrated throughout the day. 

Looking to make huge huge accomplishments and focusing on just taking the big steps such as apparent fat loss or gaining muscles; your progress is your progress no matter how big or small it is. Every step even if you consider it little plays a role and contributes to your victory. You just need to put your focus on your ultimate goal and things will start making sense and will arrange them on their own in the right way, you just need to keep your efforts. This might seem a little callous, but surrounding yourself with the people who are heading towards a total opposite way of living can make it difficult for you to reach your goal. You must surround yourself with the community who is supportive, not the anchors who have the role of dragging you at the bottom. It is utterly important especially when you are at the beginning of something. So these small steps matter and they do make a difference.

3) Workout and Exercise

If you are someone who hasn’t been to the gym for a long time, you can start by doing light home bodyweight workouts they will help in priming your body & mind for your upcoming challenge. Performing them regularly will make you feel comfortable. It is recommended to start working out at least 3 days a week. You can assign one day to your upper body, lower to nest and then one to your core. The bodybuilding gains come in pretty good as you will get enough rest period in between your workouts. You can start with performing sets & reps of each workout. Rep includes the one complete round of the exercise while a set contains multiple reps. You can start by performing three sets of each exercise with 8-10 reps. It’s basic and will make sure that you are not overtraining. 

Picking up three days for a workout is a convention that has been from the 60’s. It’s because there were certain days that were just assigned to men & certain to women for training. This convention has been going on since the old days. Many people prefer 4 days of workout a week that makes them aeries to split two days for upper and two for lower body. On the 4-day a week program, you can boost your workout intensity a bit & add up more reps to your sets. You can Start with 4 sets of every exercise & 3 different workouts for each of your body parts.

We would suggest you to follow this routine especially when you are in the initial days of your body building. It gives 3 rest days that is sufficient time for your body to heal itself. You can start by performing basic workouts for each of your body parts & perform 2-3 sets of 8 to 12 reps for each part.

For instance, while targeting your shoulders, you can use a pressing movement & then the lateral raise. If it’s for your chest, you can use the flat bench press & dumbbell flyes. Other parts of your body also get engaged while you do these exercises as they aren’t isolated workouts but compound moments. So when you are doing your chest, other muscles of your body will also get worked out.

  • Working out your Back: Back workouts would mostly include the pulldown movements & then the seated pull-in workouts. Same sets & reps as done before. This will also engage other parts of your body.
  • Working out your Arms: Do supersets like cable curls along with the triceps pushdowns, three sets of ten reps each. This workout approach works well for the beginners & you won’t be needing as much because his workout will be enough for your arms.
  • Working out your Legs: You can easily work out your legs by performing exercises like leg extensions, leg curls & leg & calf presses. Three sets each with 12 -15 reps will be enough for exhausting you.
  • Working out your Abs: Best workout for your abs includes leg raises along the straps. This will workout your entire core & will define it.
  • Then by the end you can finish by doing 20 minutes of cardio workout on a treadmill or elliptical.

These are the basics of bodybuilding workout that can be very good to get started with. They aren’t too hard and will give a good boost to your overall motivation. Your body will get adapted to the changes easily and effectively. Also you can change the workouts or alter the number of reps in each set after a few weeks of your exercising for breaking the workout platuese. Within weeks you will start seeing your gains.

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